Historically, trousers have scared me, I feel safest in jeans. Despite the fact I often find myself lusting after the more exciting lower halves of my favourite gals on Instagram, I very rarely branch away from stretchy denim. I’ve written in the past about the best way to wear skirts, I even wrote once about moving away from skinny jeans, but trousers are something that, until recently, have just been a garment too far.

I know where I stand with skinny jeans. I like that I can tuck my stomach into the waistband, I like that once you add a ‘nice top’ you’re party ready, I like that they make my bum look great.

What I don’t like is how boring they make me feel, how I miss out on new trends because I’ve got so used to my exact form being displayed, how I always feel a little bit underdressed.

I just about got into wearing trousers in the summer months, the floaty kind; silk, linen, you know the drill. With a crop top they’re easy enough to navigate. Wearing them in the colder months is something I had not yet tried. Despite the fact my IBS often leaves me wanting to cover my stomach with every piece of fabric I can find, the idea of tucking a baggy jumper into a baggy trouser just seemed like too much. Even if you opt for a slim cut, you’re still at risk of losing your waist all together,

What if I looked fat? Short? Stumpy?

Thoughts I’m not proud of, but a hangover of an unhappy relationship with my body in my teens.

I had previously always strived for the most flattering outfits I could find. I knew what worked and I was not going to branch away from that. I was so used to obsessing over my body that I was frightened to get over that and embrace the beauty that is changing trends because of how my body would look.

What a fool I was.

From my first pair of trousers I was hooked.

Sure, I wasn’t deploying my usual ‘look thinner’ tactics, but I was welcoming whole new tactics into my life, ones that were much more fun.

As I write this I am sitting in a pair of trousers, I’m cross legged and totally confident I’m not about to hear an unfortunate ripping sound, I’m comfortable and, dare I say it, feeling pretty fashionable. I’m also still buzzing from the fact that the last time I wore these Alex told me I should ‘dress like this all the time’ and that a friend asked me where they were from yesterday so that she could go and get some.

So high on the fact I feel like I might not be terrible at fashion after-all, I thought I’d dedicate a little post to this particular style, just in case there are others out there who want more than anything to embrace a new trend, but can’t, for love nor money, get out of their skinny jeans.

I have styled one pair three ways. I might have done it very badly, I might look terrible. If I do, don’t tell me, I want to ride this high for as long as I possibly can.

So, let’s get to it shall we?

Comfort first

TROUSERS   |   TRAINERS   |   TOP  (similar)

Realistically, this is how I wear them the most.

With a long sleeved top (because, hello, it’s freezing) and trainers. I’m a Londoner with a dog, I walk for miles every day and I don’t care how easy it looks to navigate streets in stilettos day in, day out in the movies, that’s just not my style.

Smarter than I would be in jeans, but still chilled enough that I haven’t lost myself in the slightest.

I still like to show off my waist, in spite of the IBS – whilst I don’t love unforgiving-tight-materials, I think a shirt like this can be flattering. I also need a neckline like this because of the boobs which can make me look a little bulky from time to time.

Enough of an outfit that I’d feel fine going to the pub in it, chilled enough I still feel like myself.

Cooler than a cucumber

TROUSERS   |   JUMPER   |   BOOTS (similar)

This was the sort of look that I was initially afraid of. How trendy…

However after a few test runs I’m now obsessed with myself in this whole thing. So classy. So cool. So should be an extra in Devil Wears Prada… too far? OK. But the first two were fair enough.

This isn’t hugely flattering but I think that’s why I like it, it does what it says on the tin, it is what it is and that makes me want to own it- particularly when I wear it with heels- it’s smart and for me at least, undeniably cool. It’s also comfortable – I can let my tum hang out no worries, I’m warm and snuggly and anything that offers me that, has a place in my heart.

Thankfully, since I own like 4000 black jumpers this is decidedly easy for me and an outfit that I can rock regularly.

So fucking fabulous it hurts

TROUSERS   |   TOP (similar)  |   SHOES   |   JACKET

Ahaha OH MY GOD check out the sass on me.

Honestly I’ve had these photos on my camera for a few days but have been holding back on sharing them because I’m scared people are going to look at them and think I’m a total wanker.

Alas, this is my ‘so fucking fabulous it hurts’ look, so I’ve published them anyway. Also – my boyfriend took them and I feel like he’s finally made it to Insta-husband status so applause all round.

Although it is admittedly a bit cold to rock this outfit on the daily, I have deemed it to be the best West-End night out, dinner-with-my-glamorous-pals, what-to-wear-when-its-smart-but-I-don’t-want-to-wear-a-dress outfit.

Obviously this is a damn dreamy summer outfit, but I *think* that by adding a leather jacket it’s not a total leap to wear it at this time of year. If I were wearing this vest with jeans I’d look scruffy and probably, a bit young and lazy (I can say that because I regularly wear it with jeans…). By wearing it with trousers I feel rather glam.

Admittedly though, it might be a good idea to take a scarf.

So there ya go.

Three ways to wear trousers, when you’re a bit scared to wear trousers.

I think ultimately the best thing you can do is accept them for what they are. Whilst they might always not be the most flattering, they are fun, and it’s not all about looking trim and thin and flattered all the time. Sure, in the last outfit you can show off your figure, but in truth the second one is my favourite because not only is it comfortable but it’s also pretty stylish.

I finally feel worthy of my little Instagram account now. #stylegoals in a NON ironic way?

Who’da thunk it. 2018, the year Em embraces trousers.

Maybe you will too….

These badboys are from River Island but I got them on ASOS – they have an elasticated bit at the back which, I’m going to be honest, is a god send. If you wanna get ’em – here’s the link: TROUSERS.


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  1. Natasza
    January 31, 2018 / 8:19 am

    Okay, where do short people buy trousers? Because I tried to buy jeans once in regular people store (and not its children department where I normally go…) and alteration completely changed their style/fit, which left me with two carrot legs. I know it’s not always about looking hot but having fun sometimes, but carrot legs are not fun after all.

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