Today is an incredible day for female empowerment. I am not even ashamed to admit that I've basically got no work done today because I have literally spent the whole morning scrolling through Twitter and totally buzzing. Everywhere I've looked I've seen women being unbelievable, standing up and doing great things. But then I saw something that depressed me more than I can say.

We all know that photoshop happens. Every other week we see some huge exposé of yet another huge fashion house, magazine cover or celebrity on Instagram who have embarrassed themselves on their hunt for perfection. I hate that photoshop happens. I hate it so much. It's giving young girls, hell, all girls, totally unrealistic beauty standards to live up to and reminds us of the sad fact that society still doesn't regard us as good enough.

But I thought that today, of all days, we might get a break. Today I thought that MAYBE the world might give us a break. Alas. it only gave us another reason to keep fighting. This time it happened at the hands of Net-A-Porter who added an image to their site advertising a pair of Maria La Rosa Sailor Man Socks with the instructons for the graphics team (AKA photoshop notes) still on it.

"Please slim" they say. PLEASE FUCKING SLIM?! You have got to be bloody kidding me. Unsurprisingly the image has now been replaced but seriously. PLEASE SLIM? Look at the size of this woman. This woman, who is literally just modelling a pair of socks, has been deemed 'too fat'. For the love of God.

So apart from the fact that £35 for a pair of socks is a crime in itself, the fact that this has been found today, of all freaking days? It is just beyond depressing.

But since we're all feeling so inspired today, it seems like a good a time as any to stand up against this stuff. We've asked to #BeBoldForChange today and this is a great opportunity to do that, we won't take this lying down and we won't let the fashion industry get away with this forever. Cheeky bastards.