Another month, another fashion house is here to shame the living shit out of us. Happy March everyone and welcome to this month's episode of 'the fashion industry won't make clothes for girls with cellulite!', this time it comes from Zara who, in their latest campaign have told us all to 'love our curves' alongside a photo of two of the tiniest damn women that I have ever seen. 

Thankfully this BS is being tolerated less and less and the backlash to this campaign has been huge. The photo was first shared by Irish Radio Presenter Muireann O'Connell who shared the photo, that she took in Dublin, to her followers with the caption: 'You have got to be fucking kidding me Zara' - my thoughts exactly. 

The response from the masses has been wonderful, inevitably, and I'm pleased to see that this has not being taken lying down.

But seriously, Zara, what the actual FUCK are you doing? Telling us to love our curves is great. It's perfect, in a pretty messed up world it is exactly what we need to bloody hear. BUT HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO LISTEN WHEN OF ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE YOU COULDN'T FIND ONE BLOODY MODEL WITH A CURVE WITH WHICH TO DEMONSTRATE YOUR POINT?!?! 

The fashion industry is ridiculous, every day I find another reason to hate the whole bloody thing and THIS is why. So many shops don't stock bigger than a size 16, every mannequin looks more like a pencil than a person and every time I put on a piece of clothing I realise that it actually wasn't designed for a real woman at all, because, quelle surprise, it won't flatter, or fit, my stomach/arse/chest/arms/thighs.

How many people work at Zara? How many hundreds, thousands of people do they employ? That this ad campaign will have had to be designed, created and approved by? And not once, in that whole, long, thought-out process, did one person think to say: hang on - something isn't right here?!

I love the reaction that this has received, it's great, it's exactly what needs to happen. But it something that shouldn't have to be happening, because adverts, campaigns like this should not exist! It's beyond ridiculous and I hope that one day soon someone, somewhere, will grow the balls to stand up and say, you know what? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.