Unless you live under a rock, you will have notice the choker craze that has taken over the world in the last few months. I love a choker, as a true nineties baby these things take me back in ways that only flared jeans can and I was quick to go out and buy a million of them. 

But something that has been annoying me recently is the fact that they only ever come in one size. I was watching one of Louise Pentland's vlogs the other day (whom I LOVE can I just say) and she made a comment after a shopping trip about why she disliked them so much. To quote her she said: "If I wore a choker, I'm a little bit chubby, well quite a lot chubby actually, so if I wore a choker and looked down I'd lose it! And then everybody would be like 'Oh what's that string around your neck?' and I'd be like 'oh what?' and look down and then it'd be like oh never mind, it's gone." Upon playing this in the kitchen, my sister, laughed and agreed saying: "If I wore a choker my neck would just swallow it up!" I buy most of my necklaces in Accesorize and I have never once seen one that wasn't a 'one size fits all' and if tights have taught us anything girls, it's that one size does definitely not fit all.

But this is of course something that won't have occurred to fashion houses will it? The fact that MORE THAN ONE SIZE OF WOMAN MIGHT WANT TO HOP ON BOARD THE TREND-TRAIN. Nope, it hasn't. Until finally, now. Katya, my sister who has been looking for one for ages just got very excited after finding one on Boohoo and after a bit of exploring myself, I have discovered the ASOS Curve have released a range too.

To those of you who have known about this stuff for ages, excuse me for being a little behind the times, but for those of you who, like my sister and like Louise get frustrated with their very noticed absence, I thought I would share the good news with you! I also thought I would link some of the ones that I like down below. 

It's a pain in the arse that it's taken so long, and I'm not promising that they are going to look good on everybody, but the fact that they exist at all is something to celebrate I suppose! So let's do just that by swinging back to my roots with the one accessory that I couldn't live without.