Hello ladies and gents, welcome to the future. 

Republican Politician Christopher von Keyserling, 71, has been arrested after allegedly pinching a 57-year-old woman's groin following a political debate last month. According to the police warrant published in the Greenwich Daily Vice, shortly after Donald Trump won the election, the woman had said to von Keyserling "it was a new world politically" to which he had allegedly replied: "I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct." The conversation continued with the woman saying "if you're proud of this then I can't help you" and he responded by calling her a 'lazy, bloodsucking union employee.'

Already you can tell that this guy is a total prick. 

The woman then swore at him and walked into her office, he apparently followed her in. She, not wanting to be alone with him, left with her colleague, as she walked out however, he allegedly pinched her in the groin area. Thankfully she sounds pretty badass and told him that she would punch him if he did it again. He has since been arrested and released on bail. 

This whole account is worrying in itself, it is no secret that sexual harassment happens in the work place much more than any of us might have thought, but when it is happening at this level of Government? Because politicians are being lead by example? That scares me, it really does. But it gets worse. Because as it turns out von Keyserling isn't even denying the charge, in fact, his lawyer is arguing that what he did isn't even a crime.

In a statement he said: "Von Keyserling playfully gave a lady who he knew for 30 years a pinch is what the accusation is. And somehow, everybody's wringing their hangs and carrying on that this is a crime, and it just isn't."

Excuse me whilst I run to dig the deepest darkest hole that I can fit down and bury myself so that I don't have to be part of this world anymore. There is so much wrong with this statement. Namely, the fact that in a LEGAL statement, an ACTUAL lawyer is defending an ACTUAL politician on the grounds of something so wrong, that they are deeming to be 'playful', the fact that any of these people believe or would accept that sexual harassment in ANY capacity is 'playful' makes me feel sick to my stomach. That a man, in a position of authority can threaten a woman in a sexual nature and then pass it off as a game? My blood is boiling. There is no disputing that what he allegedly did, is a crime. And I hope that a courtroom can see through that.

But what I'm really worried about? What we should all be really worried about? The comments that were made: "I love this new world. I no longer have to be politically correct."

This was said because America has a new President and that scares me. It now has a President that has been racist and sexist and has mocked disabled people. A President that has been found guilty of acts of sexual harassment and says the most hateful things. This to me, means that it totally validates bad behaviour everywhere. It's creating the "it's OK because the President did it" mentality, the fact that racists and sexists and homophobes voted for him and now feel like their behaviour is okay because they voted for a guy that they liked, that's quite like them.

It scares me half to death. And not without reason as it would seem the proof here is in the pudding. Already we're seeing sexual harassment that is being excused because of the USA's new president. 

I don't know what to say from here, I don't know what we do. Other than that this woman is a legend and I am SO pleased she stood up and fought back. That's all we can do now I suppose, as women, is not take this lying down. Stand up where we can and defend ourselves, fight to remind the world that this behaviour is never, under ANY circumstances, okay.

Von Keyserling will appear in court on January 25th and I'll keep you up to date with his case as it begins.