Having never watched the Great British Bake Off before, please imagine the sheer joy and excitement that came over me 3 weeks ago when I watched my first ever episode and realised that this was the best thing to happen to television since they worked out how to make it in colour.

Not only is it very inspiring (despite my gluten and dairy allergies, I'm now desperate to become a pro-baker), as entertaining as it is tense, it's actually just lovely TV because it's a load of very real people doing what they love. In amongst the Love Islands, the Naked Attractions, the KUWTKs, the OWIEs (Towie?) and the Ex On The Beaches, it's pretty blooming fabulous to see real life human beings again.

We've got Andrew (FTW!), my favourite, the really smiley chap from Northern Ireland, we've got everyone's favourite grannie Val, and we've got the heel wearing, lipstick donning, goddess, Candice... Who, because she is a woman of a certain age making a 'statement', is receiving a helluva lot of abuse for her makeup choices.

Apparently, and I really wish I was making this up, some people don't feel that it is 'appropriate' to wear red lipstick during the day.

Yeahhhhhhhh. Just soak that one in for a little minute.

In 2016, apparently, an amateur baker/PE teacher, whose love of baking lead her to the most adorable TV show ever, is fair game to trolls, simply because of her FABULOUS makeup. That seems fair.... right?

Do you want to know what the first thing that I, a normal person, thought when I first saw Candice and in the shows that have followed?

1) Damn. That is a nice shade of lippy. I wonder if I could pull that off?
2) How cool IS this woman? So freaking cool.
3) OH MY GOD stoppit as if that has lasted all day? Where did she find it and can I please have some NOW?
4) Three cheers to her, she still looks so glam even after ALL THIS STRESS? I'm sweating through my foundation and I'm just watching it.
5) Shuttup. Has she been wearing heels this whole time? This girl is #lifegoals. 

And it would seem, thankfully, that I am not actually alone in my undying admiration for this woman, there is actually more love than there is hate, so I was disinclined to bring this up, but. BUT. There was an important question to ask here...

Why is it that I knew from the first minute that I lay eyes on the contestants, who was going to be copping for the online hate? Because she's a woman? Well, yes. But. Even more worryingly, I think it is something to do with the fact that she dared to be different... In literally the least noteworthy way ever. 

Women have been wearing lipstick from the first moment that the first one realised that it made you feel like a motherfucking queen when you're wearing it. 

Guys. I can't believe I'm here having to make this plea again, but PLEASE for the love of all that is good, can we stop this now? Can we please just train ourselves to, when noticing another woman, stop the jealousy and judgement and negativity from coming in and instead replace it with love, respect and adoration... or at the very least, with some kindness?

Is that REALLY too much to ask? 

Candice is there to bake, and to hopefully one day soon launch her own lipstick line... (lol. JK. Kind of...). Can we please just see her for what she is and respect her for it? Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who pops their head above the parapet, even by a fraction for only a second, should immediately be sent cruising for an online bruising.