The entire reason that Pretty Normal Me was started was because of an advert I'd seen on television, an advert that displayed tiny woman after tiny woman strutting around a swimming pool, with their elbows scrapping against their ribs with every step. (Not meaning to thin shame by any means BTW, just making a point!) There was no diversity and there was nothing to relate to and if I'm honest, I just had enough. So I thought I'd do something about it.

Luckily, at the same time, lots of other people were on the same wavelength and fast forward two years and the body positive movement is in full swing, changes are being made and FINALLY there are people on the TV, in adverts, on the catwalk that ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE ME! Yeow.

The latest brand to totally rock my socks are H&M with their Autumn collection advert, see for yourself:

THAT is the kind of advert I want to see. Real women, doing real shit, looking really fucking awesome. I saw yesterday that Sarah Vine (aka the most miserable woman in the world) had written a piece for the Daily Mail all about how horrible this advert was, how it didn't portray real woman because these chicks had time to eat chips rather picking up towels or something like that... (can we not do both?). A few others have come forward to agree with her. Arguing that this advert is 'patronising...' which I don't really understand. 

In fact, I don't understand how this advert can be seen as anything other than really positive? It's cool, it's different and it's finally the beginning of the change that we've been looking for, waiting for, DESPERATE for. Find me a woman who is genuinely ok with the state of the high street at the moment? Any woman who doesn't know someone who has had a really shitty shopping experience recently? Who can look at adverts like the ones that inspired my blog and GET IT. I don't. And I couldn't find a woman that did. H&M are huge. This is huge.

This isn't patronising guys, it just isn't, it's something that we need. So THANK YOU H&M, this really is great - gorgeous advert, gorgeous women.