I don't even know where to start with this story because it is so full of ALL OF THE EMOTIONS so I think I'm just going to have to dive straight in and give you the facts to save myself from crying again. Right, here goes: last week police offers were called to the house of an elderly Italian couple in Rome, Michele, 94 and Jole 89, who have been married for nearly 70 years, by neighbours who had heard cries through the wall. 

The police arrived to discover that the couple had been watching the news and Jole had cried out in anguish, asking why it was that everything being shown was so negative. Once the police established that this was the reason for the call and had the couple both checked over by ambulances, they realised that whilst there was nothing physically wrong with them, there was very little food in the house. 

Sooooooo, the officers decided to cook the couple dinner, spaghetti with butter and parmesan. 

On their Facebook Page the police force said: "There is not a crime. Jole and Michele are not victims of scams and no their entered the house- there is no one to save. This time, for the boys, there is a more daunting task - two lonely souls who need reassuring. They understand that just a human warmth will restore tranquility to Jole and Michele." 

So there you have it, in a nutshell, an elderly couple who, it is said, don't get out much, were despairing at the state of the world (which in itself is heartbreaking) loudly enough for their neighbours to call the police, whereupon the police realised that what these two needed was for their faith in humanity to once again be restored. Which, I hope it has been.

These officers have certainly restored mine. I love love love reading stories like this and I'm only sorry that Jole and Michele got to this level of pain about the news, something which is supposed to document what is going on, the good, the bad and the boring. What kind of a world are we living in where something as simple as this is now evoking feelings of pain on this level on a daily basis?

Well that's a big question and certainly not something for this Tuesday afternoon, but it is worth saying that what I love the most about this is that amongst the doom and gloom of the news that we seemingly and sadly have become so accustomed to, are nuggets such as this, of good, kind, properly amazing stories, restoring humanity, one good deed at a time.