GUYS I'VE GOT MORE GOOD NEWS!! Hayley Hasselhoff is releasing a plus size range with Elvi.co.uk and all of the clothes are reallyyyyy nice. *Can I hear a whoop whoop??* The 24 year old model is set to release an 18 piece collection in sizes 14 to 26, inspired by her own style on September 10th.

Basically, in case you can't tell, I'm really excited. There are lots and lots of people out there who are given the opportunity, and the platform to do something really cool and inspiring and they don't. And so, without banging on about who her parents are because, well, *borrrinngggg* and fuck knows I hate that when people do it to me, I just have to say, it's pretty cool and, following on from her interview with You Magazine at the weekend, I'm full on #girlcrushing at this awesome woman. 

By the sounds of it, Hayley has taken a lot of inspiration from her own life and brought it into this collection. She says in the interview that "fashion was always a way to feel good. I lived vicariously through my outfits; if I didn't feel comfortable in my figure, I felt great when I had a good outfit on." And in terms of the actual design and tailoring, she says: "it's all about detail. If there were side slits, I would mark them three times with the dressmakers chalk to make sure [the garment] was not hugging you on the stomach area; or when a woman is sitting down, she doesn't want to have to pull or tug. Bigger women have larger wrists, so I have designed two sets of buttons so that the cuffs can be let out."

Hayley has been modelling since the age of 14 and talked in the interview about her size, her job and how she learned to accept and love her body: "Being a plus size model doesn't mean you don't feel body scrutiny. I have been on jobs where I felt looked down upon or that my body isn't what they expected. I have also had agents tell me I'm unrecognisable - even when I've only gained an inch on my hops. And clients are constantly changing the size they want for 'plus'.

So I've found it's best for me to stay on top of my figure. It's not like we can slack off because we're plus size. My career in fashion has given me a chance to talk about the importance of body image and to help women feel beautiful in their skin."

And so although I still don't really, even a tiny bit, love the term 'plus size', I really do love what women like Hayley are doing for the movement. The clothes look absolutely beautiful and it's just so flipping cool to see women breaking the mould, going out on a limb and doing something fabulous.

Keep up the hard work Hayley and I can't wait to see what you've got in store!! xxxx