I fell a little bit in love with Ferne McCann during last year's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, having not had a clue who she was before thanks to my fear of reality television (she was on The Only Way Is Essex BTW) and have been really happy whenever I see stories about the success that she has made of her life since then, she's now This Morning's Showbiz Reporter.

Ferne earlier this year before her surgery

Ferne earlier this year before her surgery

But anyone who used social media in the month that I'm A Celeb was on, will already know that Ferne received a shit tonne of online abuse at the time and in the months that followed, for the shape of her nose. Yup, for the one part of her face that the poor girl could do literally nothing about.

And so when she revealed this morning on This Morning (well that's a bit confusing) that she had decided to undergo a nose job, my heart broke a little bit for her. Well, a lot for her actually, and a little bit for the state of the world that we now live in.

Ferne explained to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about the life long insecurity and countless negative comments that had led to her final decision of going under the knife. "Here's me, and here's beautiful. I'm not getting it done because I want to get close to being beautiful. It's not about that. It's just something that I don't like and every day I look in the mirror and it knocks my confidence."

She said that she had been bullied about it when she was at school, where a lot of the boys called her 'goose' which caused it to turn into an insecurity, and although she says she's not bowing down to Twitter Trolls, she says that they 'didn't help' her confidence. "My nose is the easiest thing for them to say... it hurts."

So she unveiled her new nose, which does look beautiful FYI and her interview actually had me close to tears by the end, because you know what? This is more than just not good enough, this is downright scary. (the whole thing, not her new nose, that really is lovely!) Although Ferne says that she has not done this as a direct result of online abuse, she does concede that it is a factor and says openly that her insecurities came about from being teased and bullied about it from the age of 12. Look what she's been driven to. Until we understand the power of our words, this is only going to get worse.

Ferne on This Morning showing her new nose

Ferne on This Morning showing her new nose

The abuse that Ferne received for it was massive. Even in response to her most recent tweet, about the surgery, the comments are flooding in, so many of them so nasty. And to the people typing them? It's nothing. They make the comment, they lock their phones and they crack on with their day. But what about the recipient? What about Ferne? Well it's just more proof that they're right to be insecure, that they're not perfect. In fact it's just more pain.

I read yesterday about a 13 year old boy who had killed himself to escape bullying. 13 years old. I was honestly sobbing as I read the story.And what I need to know is how this is still happening? What kind of world are we living in? Ferne says that the bullying started for her when she was 12, this poor poor young boy was in such a state by the age of 13 that he felt driven to end his own life. How can people so young be subject to so much pain? When will we learn that we do not need to bring other people down in order to bring ourselves up?

No one is immune to this and it is clear to see that our words are causing all sorts of damage on lives everywhere. I think that Ferne has always been an incredibly beautiful person, with her nose being one of her defining features, and whilst getting her nose job was totally her decision, which I respect her for, I am just sorry that she was driven to this.

Who knows, maybe even if she hadn't been bullied at school and subsequently abused online for the size of her nose, Ferne may have developed an insecurity about her nose that would cause her to go under the knife anyway, but somehow I doubt it. I hope that people can hear her story and learn from it. No one should feel that they need to make a huge decision like this simply because of pressure. It's just not fair. We need to stop this before it goes any further. No more eating disorders, no more surgery, no more suicide, it's sick. Please guys, we need to make this better, we need to be better and we need to be kind.