It's hardly surprising at this time of year to find the likes of Serena Williams in the news. In a few short minutes she is about to take part in the Wimbledon semi-finals, she is the winner of 21 Grand Slam tournaments, she is literally walking #lifegoals.

But predictably, because we live in a shitty world, the reason that Serena Williams is in the news today? Oh. Well. That's because you can see her nipples through her shirt and apparently, they're 'distracting', proving once again, as one girl pointed out on Twitter, that THIS is why we still need feminism.

Unsurprisingly, although depressingly enough, a lot of these comments have come from OTHER WOMEN *thwacking head against the wall*, with one suggesting that she should 'cover them up', to which all of us here at Pretty Normal Me would like to say:

"Er... sorry. WHY? She's a bit busy being a total fucking legend right now to worry what her beautiful body is doing. It's 23 degrees. What do you expect her to do? Wear a bloody jumper? She doesn't need to cover anything. LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD, THE WOMAN HAS NIPPLES. WHAT'S THE FUCKING PROBLEM? The only thing that needs covering right now is your mouth."

I don't actually want to give these morons any airtime, but just so you can see what kind of stupidity we're dealing with on this sunny Thursday, here's a snippet of what some of the world feels is appropriate to say about this superstar's nipples:

So yeh, not the MOST offensive thing you will ever read but helloooo, WHY IS THIS EVEN NEWS? And also, who the hell does that one chick think she is telling her that she can't wear white? Why? 

AND ALSO ONE MORE THING. Why why why are Serena's nipples any more distracting than the others that have been on Centre Court these past few weeks? Everybody has nipples. And I would just like to draw your attention to those of the King Roger Federer and Mr Andy Murray.


What kind of world are we living in right now that the best female tennis player on the WHOLE PLANET can't even do what she does best without being shamed and humiliated for something totally out of her control? 

How many times have you, woman or man, needed your nipples to behave? Not all of us can pull off a Rachel from Friends you know? Sometimes, the beautiful body parts that we were given to FEED OUR CHILDREN WITH, do their own thing, and there is sweet fuck all we can do about it.

So WHY? WHY, do people feel the need to comment? There is no need. Literally, none. So I'd like to ask everyone nicely now, if we can, to please, pleeeeease get a grip, feminism would be pretty fucking grateful.