Vicky Balch, 21, from Grismargh near Preston was one of the five people to be involved in The Smiler accident at Alton Towers last June but despite this, and the fact that she had to have her leg amputated above the knee, she has just defied all of the odds by posing for a lingerie shoot and in her own words, feeling 'sexy' for the first time since her accident. 

I've been following Vicky's story for the last year and have been relentlessly impressed and inspired by her and her determination to crack on with life as normal and so, when I first saw the photos this afternoon as I trawled my way through Twitter, I was properly excited to see that she had not only felt brave enough to do this, but that she looked totally amazeballs as well. 

Being interviewed on This Morning today she said about it that "my best friend Hanna won the photoshoot and thought Vicky needs a good boost and suggested that I do it. I wanted to do itl I never say no to anything but I didn't know if I'd look sexy... I had no idea.

I didn't now how I'd be treated, whether they'd treat me like a normal person and we'd just do one or two poses or how it'd work. But we tried everything and Danielle the photographer was lovely. I had no idea what I'd look good in. So me and mum went shopping and we asked for help."

After seeing the photos Vicky said "I cried my eyes out - I was amazed. I didn't even think I'd look lie that again - straight away there were tears. I'm a lot better about my confidence now - I'll wear little dresses again now.

I'd love to think this was more about the fact that it doesn't matter what you look like, you can feel sexy."

In an interview with The Mirror about it she said "doing it wasn't an easy decision. I was close to cancelling. I wasn't sure I'd ever look nice in lingerie again. I hadn't worn sexy underwear since the accident."

So basically Vicky, if you're reading this and I really hope that you are, I would like to just say from everyone here at Pretty Normal Me that you absolutely look beautiful and 'nice' in lingerie and that we are properly inspired by you.

I was of course saddened, but not surprised, because we live in a horrid world, to find that there were comments out there both sent to Vicky herself on Twitter and underneath various articles (naming no names but Daily Mail YOU NEED TO BAN YOUR COMMENT SECTION), from people who were seemingly unimpressed that Vicky was 'milking' her accident for 'all that it was worth'.

To which I would quite like to say, PISS. RIGHT. OFF. I don't know what is wrong with the world that we can't all look at this situation like I did today, with a swelling of pride for someone that I have never met, but who truly is making the best of a horrible situation. 

Thank you so much for doing this Vicky, thanks for being a great source of inspiration and for totally brightening up my Monday. 

PS. You look fucking glorious.