Over the last few weeks, Taylor Swift, her PR team and the Daily Mail have gone to extreme lengths to show that not only is she like totally over Calvin Harris, she's actually so beyond happy in her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston. I've watched this all from a distance, not really knowing what to make of Taylor's latest efforts, is she really in love with the Night Manager or was her entire 4th July party just the set of a new music video? Who knows. Who cares?

Well, Twitter for one. The singer's Instagram and Twitter feed have been full of speculation and, following her split from DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris, fans have waited with baited breath to see if Calvin would take the bait that TayTay has been casting in his direction, or so it would appear.

Well, they can finally uncross their fingers now, it's happened. Last night Calvin took to Twitter to react to claims from Taylor Swift's PR team who say that Taylor actually wrote his latest song that he recorded with Rihanna, under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. Whilst he hasn't denied the claims, he has taken this opportunity to air his frustration at what at this point, probably feels like another dig. 

Well, Twitter has erupted and over night the #TaylorSwiftIsOver hashtag has taken the internet by storm. Taylor's Instagram is full of comments from what I can only assume were up until recently, fans of hers with countless snake emojis. Those same people are taking to Twitter to share GIFs and photos alongside this hashtag and Calvin Harris has had waves of support. 

And this is really beginning to scare me. The idea of airing our dirty laundry in public is still a concept fairly new to us. Before WW3 started between these two, most celebrity couples have managed a reasonably good job of at least having rows like this in private... and no Stephanie Davis and whatever his name is from Big Brother don't count and so for us, the fans, it's still unchartered territory. 

The only thing I can find to compare this to is a divorce, Taylor is mum, Calvin is dad and the umpteen million followers that they share are their children. Mum and Dad don't love each other anymore so they're going to live apart, dad was seen kissing someone else, but mum is shagging the night manager, ready steady, WHO DO YOU WANT TO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH? It would seem at this point that Calvin makes a better bread sauce. 

But they haven't simply chosen Calvin, what they've done at this point is banish Taylor. That's it. The masses are against her now and their word goes. And that's pretty sinister right? One wrong move and you're out. What kind of a world have we created??

The same girls that will have posters of Taylor on their walls, the ones that have been to her gigs, waited in the rain to meet her have just like that, declared that she is over? How has this happened? How have we become so shallow that just like that, we can take hearsay for fact and abandon all sense of loyalty?

Scrolling through Twitter this morning I feel as if we've just managed to overthrow an evil dictator, or like we've survived a zombie apocalypse. People are throwing hate around like confetti.

All I know at this point is that I would not want to be Taylor Swift this morning, or any morning from here on out to be honest. The hate is off the scale and it's got to stop. Social media is so wonderful in so many ways, it is the birth place of so many fabulous conversations, recognition and friendships but we are turning it into a destruction tool. 

Taylor Swift has not got any less talented over night, she is not doing anything differently today than she was yesterday, all that has happened now is that the masses have turned against her. All of a sudden she has become 'calculated', 'PR obsessed', a 'man eater'. Does it matter that she is the highest paid female artist of 2016? Does it fuck. The world wants blood.

And this thirst for blood that Tweeters have discovered is honestly frightening me. It's like they can smell weakness, they've held Taylor on a pedestal for all these years just waiting patiently for someone to throw the first stone, for a crack in the foundation, for an opportunity to cash in on her weakness and help tear her down. It feels like they've been willing her to fail, all the while blowing her higher and higher so that she would have further to fall. 

Calculated or not, this isn't right. This is NOT the bandwagon to be on. We need to cool off, look long and hard at what we're actually doing here and remember that, at the end of the day, Taylor Swift is still just a human being. Be Switzerland, and give this girl a break.