Last week Selfridges launched their EVERYBODY campaign in celebration of their New Body Studio (yay). The tagline as shown on their homepage is: "LOVE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. REVEL IN THE CROWD." which is something that I am one hundred and fifty millions times on board with and it's great to see such a huge franchise endorsing body positivity and using such a diverse collection of models.

Describing the campaign on the website they say: "As the wellness movement continues to influence how we depict, treat and talk about our bodies, we are seeking to explore the joy, strength and beauty of individuals united in motion. Whether the sight of a clean-eating hashtag makes your toes curl or your morning just isn't complete without a sprinkling of chia seeds - we invite you to celebrate the beauty of difference through our EVERYBODY campaign."

To which I would like to say yes please, thank you for the invitation, I wholeheartedly accept. Of course Selfridges are not the first company to jump on this particular bandwagon but it is exciting and newsworthy all the same. 

For the first time in my memory, one of the most notable companies in London is showing their support for the real woman and inviting us to love ourselves. I mean really, what could be better than that?

Well there is one thing that makes this all the more awesome; one of the faces of the campaign is Mahalia Handley, a 23 year old Australian model who is, you guessed it, plus size. She is fast becoming one of my all time favourite people who, if her interviews and Instagram are anything to go by, is working tirelessly to promote body positivity.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia in January she said: "The fashion industry can be a challenging place to cut your teeth. And some people find it hard to deal with the fact that curvy models are becoming more commonplace. I still find it hard to see that many girls in the main-stream media, which makes me think if I can't see them then I have to become them.

Everyone is beautiful is the message that I would like to convey to girls around the world. Mixed race, plus size women are also confident and beautiful women. Women derive so much confidence and power from models wearing swimsuits and lingerie - it's massively important to me that I keep spreading a positive message and continue to represent a very real diversity in fashion."

Mahalia has continued to spread an incredibly lovely message on her Instagram and I'm really excited to see her so passionate about the campaign that she is a part of. 

Selfridges have taken a really important step and here and it's so cool to see another massive brand endorsing the idea of diversity in the fashion world. I only hope that this campaign leads to lots of other companies following suit.

In the meantime, massive thanks to both Selfridges and Mahalia for being so totally awesome.