So once again this morning the world woke up to another photo of Kim Kardashian naked on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. She claimed that she had nothing to wear and, as a result, had to take the picture naked... As if the countdown to the shutter snap was imminent and she just FORCED to pose in the buff? Lol. Right. Whatever. It doesn't matter, the point is, she shared a naked snap. And can I just say quickly; considering how many of us find ourselves asking 'who even is she?' every chance we get, I am amazed by how many times I have seen this picture this morning.

Anyway. I don't care. She looks great, she knows it, she's like the queen of body positivity right now... It's not really our problem and it therefore doesn't upset me.

What does upset me though is the fact that Lena Dunham apparently stripped down for last night's episode of Girls, ('again!' we hear them cry), in a bid to impress her onscreen boyfriend and dayumn is she getting bullied as a result.

In fact, when searching the Twittersphere for reactions this morning, for every 'I know she's naked but KimK looks amazeballs' tweet I found, I found at least ten 'OMG how gross is Lena Duham, why is she always naked?' tweets.

And sorry, but that just isn't good enough.

Because, really, they're doing the same thing. Except Lena is doing it for her art and Kim is doing it because, well, why the fuck not?

And the issue here, whether we'll admit it or not, is that one of these women is 'attractive' and one of them is 'not'. One of these women is (probably) airbrushed and one of them is not. And even though we pretend it's so annoying and that we hate it, we quite like seeing one of these women naked... After all you don't become one of the most talked about stars in the world because no one cares about you.

And we can't help but to be a little bit jealous. We quite enjoy looking at this little piece of 'perfection', we like the #bodygoals - hell, we love to hate it. Which I sort of understand, but what annoys me is that most of us look much more like Lena than we will ever look like KimK and yet here we are, hating on the one most like ourselves... Although most of us won't admit to that either.

Both women, should in theory, be entitled to show off as much, or as little, of their bodies as they'd like. We live in the Free The Nipple generation - it's totally their prerogative. But we also live in the Internet Trolls generation - so we're going to need to establish a compromise here.

It simply won't work complaining about the nudity of one woman and celebrating that of another, simply because of how they look. You need to pick a side. You're either for nudity, or your against it... end of.

As for me? I'm for it. And more specifically, I'm 'for' Lena's version. Because every day, I am confronted with my own naked body, I see it in the shower, in the mirror, I feel it underneath my clothes, it is me. And so really, it should be the most normal thing in the world.

But right now? It isn't, because I see my naked body and then I see Kim Kardashian's and I find something to be missing. I don't look 'right', and somehow, I find myself ashamed. So it's actually incredibly refreshing that, for once, there are women out there who are BRAVE enough to expose their bits to this nasty nasty world.

In fact, thanks to the likes of Ashley Graham this is the first year that I can go onto a beach and feel SEXY - because the world has not only seen, but fallen in love with her and her body. Which is great - but what's worth remembering is that as 'normal' as Ashley is, she's still the result of 'perfect' makeup and lighting.

So really with her as a role model, we're only half way there. 

Lena is TRYING to get us the whole hog, she is working tirelessly to show NORMAL women in the media. So WHY are we fighting this?? We are ALL normal women. And we are making it the hardest thing in the world for ourselves, our sisters and our daughters, by celebrating perfection and damning normality.

Enough is enough.

I don't care if you don't appreciate seeing a hairy bush and a squishy tummy in the media, you've got one underneath your clothes right now and so you're going to need to accept Lena, to in turn accept yourself.

You'll be much happier, I guarantee it.

Good luck xxx