Right. Now I don't want to make a whole big deal out of this because obviously, nearly naked normal women should not be a surprise or newsworthy, after all, I see myself in the mirror ALL the time. 

But I did just want to take five minutes to say massive thanks to Target for their great new Valentine's Day campaign.

A spokeswoman for Target told the Daily Mail Australia: 'our latest Valentine's Day campaign is a small but vital step in continuing Target's promise to make quality style and fashion not only more affordable but also more accessible and relevant for our customers,' (It's working btw).

I know this shouldn't be news, I know it shouldn't be that bigger deal, but you know what? It totally is and I'm so excited by this campaign. I'm off on holiday in a few weeks and have been feeling the innevitable misery that comes with bikini shopping online so, honestly, thanks so much for this Target.

All of a sudden I feel so much better about myself!