Karen Green has spoken out to defend the fact that she bought her then fifteen year old daughter Tilly a 'Waist Trimmer' for Christmas last year after Tilly had been inspired by the Kardashians into wanting one. 

Tilly who is now 16 and still only a size 6-8 told the Daily Mail "I love my waist trainer. It's helped me define my figure and given me confidence. Lots of my friends use it and we've seen the results Kylie Jenner and her sisters have achieved. People think you are not mature at 15 but I am glad my mum is aware of what I wanted and got it for me."

Now I have to say that I too, am pleased the Karen is aware of what her daughter is up to, but what is shocking me is the fact that at this age, at FIFTEEN, this is something that Tilly and 'lots' of her friends, feel that they need.

She went on to say: "I can't tell you how many girls I know from schools around here use waist trainers under their uniform. It's the new trend and I think my friends are in awe that I can tell my mum about it."

So Karen (mum) has come under fire for this buying this for her daughter from people who think that this is not healthy and right, and although I agree that she probably shouldn't have bought her daughter one in the first place - I have to say I am much more worried about the culture that young girls are growing up in that these things are something that are even on their radars.

I'm STILL not entirely sure who the Kardashians are, how their dynamics work or how they all became SO famous but after hearing this I think they should all be banned from Instagram for life. 

I'm all for teenagers having idols, but ones that promote 'trimming' anything other than your hair can be nothing but bad.

Speaking out about this Karen said: "Tilly told me 18 months ago that she wanted one. She follows the Kardashians and other celebrities who have been promoting their use. I did my research and while I wasn't totally sure I approved of a growing teen having a device which potentially might restrict bone development and growth, I knew if I didn't buy it for her she'd get it herself."

"Every day underneath her school uniform she has it on and says it helps give her a better shape in her school blazer, and has increased her confidence when she is out."

(Out where by the way?)

 "The Kardashians are followed by her friends and her. Everything they do Tilly and her friends do it as well and Kylie is the Kardashian/Jenner teen who seems to having the biggest influence on my teen."

Now this is what worries me. I desperately want to criticise Karen here, and I sort of am doing, but at the same time I can't help feel a little bit sorry for her. What if the next thing that Kylie puts on her Instagram account is a picture of her shooting heroin? Then what will she do? She would of course tell her daughter not to do it, forbid her from doing it... but what if she just does it anyway?

Total exaggeration here (I hope), but you know what I mean. 

Karen said: "Tilly likes to try all the latest Kylie trends. She is also a Kendall fan and like any mum I find myself battling her desire to look all grown up, being just 16."

But THIS is the bit that really stressed me out:

"Like most teens she is constantly on a diet. She's told me that her waist trainer is great because not only does it give her a curvy shape, it acts like an external gastric band, not that she needs one. According to her the trainer makes her feel fuller faster."


Teens should NOT constantly be on a diet. NO ONE SHOULD EVER CONSTANTLY BE ON A DIET. Yet, thanks loads KardashianJennerWankerHeads and every other bikini-clad-endorser-of-diet-pills for making CHILDREN feel that they need to be.

Karen finished by saying: "I imagine some mums and adults will criticise me for letting her use a waist-trimmer but the fact is, kids will be kids. She puts a great deal of care into the way that she dresses - it's my job and our jobs as mums to simply try and ensure our kids are safe and having fun."

I really, really don't envy Karen, because I don't know what the answer is here. No, she probably shouldn't have bought her daughter one of these devices, but like she said, if she hadn't got it for her, she'd have got it for herself.

But the fact that she wanted it in the first place? It makes me want to cry.

What I often forget, is that Kylie Jenner is only just 18. She's packed SO much into such a short space of time and looks AMAZING. Thirty, but amazing. Why then, as a sixteen year old girl would you be satisfied looking like a sixteen year old girl? You wouldn't, not when your idol looks like a very legal angel.

I can't work out where I stand here in terms of mother/daughter relationship but I do know that the fact that Tilly felt like this, is not even slightly good enough. I am very happy that Kylie and Kendall and whatever other Ks are in that family, have the time and the money and the perseverance to sit on the relentless treadmill of 'self improvement', but they need to stop shoving it down the rest of the world's throat, because one of these days someone is going to get really hurt trying to follow suit.

Please let me know your thoughts on this one because I haven't got a clue what the answer is here! xxx