Sam Smith shared a photo on his Instagram this week of him looking totally unrecognisable (if you ask me) following his three stone weight loss, and I knot it's none of my bees-wax but I can't help but be a little bit concerned...

I am a mahoosive Sam Smith fan - when I saw him play at V Festival last year I literally cried (fan girl alert!) and when I'm alone in the car I sing along as loudly as I possibly can, most the time I'm sure he's just singing to me... no biggy.

The thing that I love most about him though is how refreshingly normal he seemed to be - I knew very little about him (which in my head is a good thing with a singer), other than that he was incredibly talented, a great song writer, a bit cheeky and dare I say it, a bit chubby(?!).

Anyhoo, I got a real shock this morning when I saw this photo of him looking so different?! And I know this sounds super judgey and I don't mean it to, but between the hipster beard and the slight frame, I'm worried that he's selling out a bit.

He might not be, I might be totally wrong and it's DEFINITELY not my place to say all of this, but I worry that this has happened as a result of the epic pressure on him to be a superstar. Of course it's equally likely that he did, as most people do, look in the mirror one morning and decide that we wanted to make a change, which is great and no biggie, but I do wonder, if he was out of the spotlight, would this have happened? I'm just desperately hopeful that he wanted to make this change, rather than feeling that he needed to.

These transformations are incredibly common place for women, and not just for reality TV stars; Little Mix's Jesy Nelson, Adele and Meghan Trainor, to name but a few, have all displayed significant weight loss as their success grew, which just makes me feel that eventually, everyone succumbs to the pressure put on them by this crazy world.

Looking at Sam now he looks well, healthy and good - if I didn't know what he looked like before, I wouldn't even bat an eyelid, but since I do - I just hope that he is happy and that this hasn't happened as a result of him feeling like he needed to better himself.

And just in case it has happened for the wrong reasons, it is worth us remembering that, even though we feel like it sometimes, it's not just women that have this pressure put on them. This does happen to men to, and even a pair of bollocks can't make the pressure to be perfect any less.