Today was a sad day for me. America's Perfect Woman (chosen, I'm sure by all of America's perfect men) of 2016 was announced and it turns out that is literally polar opposite of me, oh my poor ego.

As it transpires, the American dream this year is a dark haired, brown eyed, 5ft9, athletic, middle-eastern, athletic, Jewish woman who drinks socially, doesn't smoke and who has no children and a graduate degree.

So reading this as a slightly bitter, white 5ft5 blonde athiest, with light eyes, a bit of wobble when I walk and a smoking habbit I'm yet to kick I'm starting to despair.

I knowwww that this is all fun and games, and I knowwww that women are so much more than this and we musn't take it too seriously, but I have to say I don't love the fact that this has been published.

It just seems like another way to make women feel as inadequate as possible. It is tiring enough just trying to be the right size, but now I'm told that if I want to be perfect I need brown eyes? There is nothing I can do about my eye colour, so by telling me that the eyes that I am stuck with are not perfect, you're actually being insulting.

But to be honest, this is all irrelevent anyway.

Because everyone has a different perfect. That's the point. 

If we all had the same perfect, there would be a lot of lonely people out there and a select few who were suddenly in very high demand.

The whole point is, is that nobody is perfect and that really when the right person comes along, it really shouldn't matter what you look like.

My boyfriend's dream woman is a toss up between Emma Watson and Kiera Knightley, two absolutely beautiful rakes, yet somehow, he has ended up with me. 

Welcome to our imperfect world! I'm bored of these surveys now and very much look forward to the day when I can go about being me, and not feeling ahsamed of it.