So some of you will remember last year that Victoria Beckham hired an incredibly thin model, Peyton Knight to model her clothes and once again, she is in the firing line for sharing a photo of a 'scarily' thin model on her Instagram. 

Nearly all of the comments on the Instagram post have been negative; people complaining that the model in question is 'too' thin, and I'm sorry, normally I'm against labelling anyone as anything, but seeing as she is representing an industry here, I am forced to agree.

I hate that this girl is being bullied, I hate that we can't help but be nasty, but I also can't help but worry that by hiring this model, Victoria has made a big mistake. I'm not saying that the relentless comments/'bulling' is right, but I do believe that this is something that Victoria needs to hear and actually listen to.

Quite rightly, her mother has hit back at the body shamers by saying:

"This model is beautiful, hard working and has genetics, like all of us, that predisposition her body to look a certain way. She happens to be very  tall and very slim. Many would say she is lucky. Some are jealous they don't look like her. We should all love ourselves and appreciate the beauty we see. I happen to know her well. She is my beautiful daughter. I know eats healthily most of the time. She loves salads and veggies. She also eats chocolate and ice cream frequently. I hope you keep your hate and judgement to yourselves in the future and let a young girl enjoy her new found success. Let's all be nce spread love <3 <3 <3"

Which is something that I am really pleased that she did, and it's wonderful to see a mum sticking up for her daughter, although I am of course sorry that she felt that she needed to.

But she attributes a lot of her daughter's looks to her genetics, something that, as she has quite rightly pointed out, we all have. But what we don't all have, is the genetics that make us naturally slim.

What we do ALL have however, en masse, is a whole tonne of insecurities, and in many instances, the drive to force ourselves into looking like this girl, even when our bodies were not intended to do so. 

So, although I am of course happy that this girl has got her big break, and I am so sorry that she has received so much abuse, I really have had enough of Victoria Beckham and her models.

Because MOST of us don't look like this, most of us SHOULDN'T look like this and so not only are they not an accurate representation of women today, they really are actually a terrible advert for what we feel that we 'should' be aspiring towards.

It would be one thing if this model was one of a very diverse catalouge in Victoria's collection, but she's not - she's one in the same.

For what she's doing and representing, I'm sorry - she just is too thin.