Stephanie Seabrook from Portland Oregon, 28, who at her heaviest weighed 340lbs (24st) feared that she would 'die obese', has managed to become a personal trainer after dropping 150lbs (10st). After losing weight, Stephanie wrote all of the hurtful remarks that she had received about her body, onto her stomach before her tummy tuck that would cut all of the excess skin, and negativity away.

Stephanie said in an interview with the Daily Mail: "Before my tummy tuck my mum came up with the idea. We wrote all the things I had said to myself, what others had said, all the negative words, then the next day I went to surgery.

When the surgeon removed the excess skin, the negative words were cut away too. The idea was all the negativity would all go with my baggy skin - it felt so good to wake up. 

It completely changed my life. I didn't mind the naked me, I had so much more self-confidence."

"I thought I was going to die obese - I couldn't grasp it so I shut myself off from the world. I wasn't a big child but struggled when my parents divorced. I was embarrassed, I didn't want people to know I had put weight on. I didn't think of myself as fat so I couldn't come to terms with it.

I just blocked people out - I lived in my own bubble, I went to work and then came home."

But after years of living like this, Stephanie one day decided that she had totally had enough and 'went for a walk'.

"I kept walking until I couldn't any more - I ended up walking four miles. I did it every night and lost 20lb in a week without changing my diet. I realised I could do it.

I became a personal trainer because I didn't think most really understand what it felt like to be obese. But I don't take my clients to the gym, we go outside and I show them they can do it anywhere. I feel great for the first time. I have self-worth and now I match the person in my head.

"But society has a long way to go. It drives me crazy when people see obese people and assume they are lazy when they don't know what they have gone through, or what health problems they are battling. I always say it's not what you are eating, it's what eating you."

So although we are beyond sorry that Stephanie has received any comments like this in the first place, we are beyond impressed with the amazing way that she has transformed her life.

True inspiration, never stop doing what you're doing Stephanie and never forget that thanks to people like you we are going to make the change that society desperately needs, congratulations and rock on!