We love Ashley Graham.

If you haven't come across her yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Our favourite model of the moment is the 28 year old who this week has urged women to walk around their houses butt naked in an interview with Stylist Magazine. (See, you already love her right?)

Graham has taken the fashion world by storm as of late, spreading the body positive message far and wide and strutting a real crackalacking properly curvy figure up and down the catwalk.

But how DOES she get the confidence? Simples...

'Walking around your house butt naked builds your confidence. You have to see the things that you were told were imperfect your whole life. You actually see it and deal with it. Don't hide away".

In a world where we are our own toughest critics Graham says "speak to yourself kindly in the mirror. If you're constantly telling yourself you're ugly, you're going to believe it. Once you actually look and talk to yourself, you'll get a connection."

This is great advice sure, but why is it that we really love Ashley Gordon? 

Apart from her positive messages, great figure, perfect face, wise words, and general awesomeness? Well, when asked what happiness was she replied "sometimes just a big bowl of pasta". 

And who are we to argue with that? Rock on Ashley!