The idea of SEXTING in school was thankfully something that I was never really exposed to, on account of the fact that upon starting big school, my phone only allowed me 20 texts a month and I apparently had more important things to be talking to my friends/mum about. 

But upon seeing the Kickstarter page for the World Premiere of the play Sket, which is aiming to raise awareness of the negative impacts of SEXTING on teenagers, I asked my sister (17) if this happened in her school to which she just said 'err yehh.'

I'm embarrassed that I know so little about it but having read around the project I have concluded that it something that we absolutely need to get behind.

Sket by Maya Sondhi is a play based on true stories told to the writer by young people when she volunteered for the charity TeenBoundaries, it follows the stories of 6 teenagers in inner-city schools to whom sexting is just the norm.

On the Kickstarter page it says that the play was first performed in 2014 as a reading, at which many of the adults in the room were shocked and surprised by how common it is for young people. But despite the fact that it is considered the norm in schools today, the play aims to highlight the negative impact of it on teenagers. 

They then make reference to the tragic story of Amanda Todd, a Canadian teenager who at the age of 15 committed suicide, and how it had all started with a topless photo.

We think this play is spreading an incredibly important message and in order to do this, it desperately needs our help. They do have a Kickstarter page and they are looking for as little as £10 to help them on their way. To find out more about it, check out their Kickstarter page here:

We are really looking forward to this making it to the stage and hope to keep you posted on it's progress as it carries on it's important journey!