In an interview with Marc Maron on his podcast WTF, Sarah Silverman has said that "women can't have it all" after facing so much pressure to have babies.

Of course, it's no secret that in Hollywood if a man reaches the age of 45 (the age that Sarah is now) and is childless, it is just assumed that he is a bachelor or a player, or that he's 'too' busy and successful to have babies right now, but he's got loads of time left. 

It's not a hot topic and no one really cares, I couldn't tell you if Daniel Craig had kids, or Jude Law or Matt Damon, because the press don't cover it, but since Sarah is over 40 and her biological clock is making all sorts of alarm sounds, rest assured, we all know about it.

In her interview she said "when you're a woman, I'm finding out, you get so much pressure; I got two emails within the span of a week two weeks ago from people in my life who I don't necessarily know really well, who just out of nowhere just said "you should really have kids, and I've been thinking about you" and it's such an odd thing to put on someone."

She went on to say "It's a sadness for me, because I love kids, I ache for kids but I love my life more, you can't have it all, you really can't, unless your a fun dad, married to a woman who wants to have kids. I could be a fun dad, I feel totally prepared for that."

But the sad fact is, the way that the world is right now, means that mums cannot be the 'fun dads', that is a role, saved only for the man. Lots of women wouldn't change that for anything, and they love being the mum that is there all of the time, but it does shine a light on a great injustice here for a lot of women (actually probably all women) who do want a chance at having it 'all'.

She says "I don't have the lifestyle that is conducive to having kids the way that I want to have kids. And I just made that choice but it doesn't mean that that I have no regrets or no sadness about it." 

And this is of course, a perfectly legitimate reason, not that she needs one of course. There are girlfriends of my mum's who never had children and I can't help it, but I often find myself feeling sorry for them; at Christmas in particular, which makes very little sense, because I also know plenty of men of the same age, who have decided not to have children and it wouldn't even occur to me to bat an eyelid.

Friends of mine who are set to be married this year keep telling me how many people are approaching them, seeing their rings and asking when they can hope to hear the 'pitter patter of tiny feet', as if now there is a ring on her finger, she is a ticking time bomb. These same people however are NOT approaching the soon-to-be-grooms and asking them the same thing, it is not a question for the men this one.

I know that this isn't news and that I'm not exactly talking about anything revolutionary here, and actually, I'm in a rubbish position to do this anyway because I haven't got any babies myself, but this is something that is really winding me up, selfishly after-all,  I don't want to spend the entirety of my twenties saying "not yet" and "we don't know" and "FUCK OFF IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS".

Sarah finished her interview by saying: "I have this sadness and this desperation around children." - and that's something that we could do with remembering, next time we are going to ask someone why they haven't had them, or if they're planning on it any time soon.

Not only is it none of our business, but we are seemingly forgetting to take into consideration that not only may a woman not be able to have children, she may have made the impossible decision that she wasn't going to, not necessarily that she didn't 'want' to.