Dove have recentley unearthed some shocking statistics when it comes to girls' self esteem. Did you know for example that:

More than 100,000 girls in the UK have low body confidence?

6 in 10 of these girls are telling Dove that they feel prettier online than in real life?

They feel prettier when they get "likes"?

But feel bad if they don't?

And that on average, girls spend 12 minutes perfecting a selfie?

For a generation that lives on their phones, these are some terrifying facts.  

“There is an epidemic of girls chasing social media ‘likes’ to feel attractive,” says the company. Dove Brand Director Lucy Attler says: “Today’s research enables us to better understand the relationship between social media and girls’ self-esteem, and the importance of talking to girls about body confidence before they turn 18."

And so this is why Dove UK have launched their Self Esteem Project, the #NoLikesNeeded campaign which aims to teach girls that the only 'like' they ought to worry about is their own.

This is something that here at Pretty Normal Me we have been worried about for a long time, the pressures facing us all online are overwhelming and we too have been guilty at times of pouting a little bit too hard at the front-facing camera. (Proof perhaps as Dove suggested that it doesn't necessarily get easier as you get older!)

And so we just wanted to take a minute out of this glorious Friday to congratulate Dove on this wonderful campaign and to say that we are wholeheartedly behind you!

Oh and remember, if you see a photo out there today donning the caption #NoLikesNeeded - for heavensakes, don't you dare like it!