New mum Mel Rymill has inspired mothers to share photos of themselves showing off their figures after she was told that she "obviously" wanted to lose weight by her personal trainer.

Since sharing her story on Facebook, loads of mums have responded with photos of themselves with the hashtag #badassundies. They're out to show that while they may not be magazine ready, they are strong, healthy and proud.

This is awesome.

Mel said on Facebook:

"So I had my first session with a PT today and the first thing she said to me was 'obviously you want to get back to your pre-baby weight'. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

And it pissed. Me. Off.

I corrected her nicely by smply saying 'my goal is to regain my core strength and endurance... I'm not worried by how my body looks, only how it functions... I can be pretty badass.

But it got me thinking. Post pregnant women are told they look good if they return to their pre-baby body quickly leading to the assumption that they look bad it they[y] keep the extra weight. Skinny people are envied for their lack of fat or shamed for apparently starving themselves. Voluptuous women are either labelled fat and shamed or they're leabelled brace for being comfortable in their own skin. This is always pressure.

No one is comfortable in their own skin 100% of the time. Constantly labelling people and piling expectations associated with these labels on them is harmful to everyone....  Including those doing the labelling. 

What we should be worrying about is if people are ok, not what they look like.

So here I am. I may not be magazine ready, my nana ndies and bedtime nursing bra are certainly not going to be rocking a runway anytime soon, my hair is greasy, I have no makeup on, my body is squishy and plentiful, I'm not even sure I'm totally ok.

But I am strong. My body is healthy.

Hell, I am badass as fuck!

Screw what society wants from me. This is what's on offer.

Join me if you will #badassundies"

So in response to this countless other women have shared similar photos of themselves with similar stories and we are loving this.