Meet Krista Henderson, 44, the size 24 athlete who is attempting to prove that anyone can embrace exercise, regardless of their size, and who has completed 20 races in the last 11 years.

We already love her.

Krista, who wrote on her website Born To Reign Athletics, that "she began her athletic career in 2004 when her Fitness Director recommended she 'train like an athlete' in response to her commitment of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

The website says 'this advice dramatically shifted Krista from the diet and exercise mentality, where she constantly felt the need to 'fix' herself by solely focussing on losing weight. This fresh new approach set Krista on a path of changing the way she lived which resulted in becoming happier and healthier.'

'Krista has learned some key lessons and is now on a mission to share them and inspire other plus-size women, to live a healthy life by tapping into their inner athlete.'

She explained: 'I was in a mind-set to challenge myself and prove to others that just because I am plus-size doesn't mean I'm lazy. When people see a plus-size person, they think lazy and unmotivated, but they shouldn't judge - they don't know what is going on.'

'There's a secret fun to take first place when you don't look the same size as the others around you.'

'There is a growing group of plus-size athletes. I think there needs to be more diverse bodies, you need to have people of all shapes and sizes represented. Women often feel like they have to fix something, the message I want to get out is that you have everything you need. There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve but you can't worry about what people think. Everything you can do, you need to do it for yourself.'

We just wanted to give a huge virtual high ten to Krista for being an awesome inspiration to every single woman out there! She is living proof that exercise is not exclusively for those who are already fit and toned, that everyone can give it a crack and that when you get your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

I'm a big fan of cycling and have always been amazed by the height (and width) of some of the men who undertake some really testing challenges, including Ironman, it is however relatively rare to see women of the same size doing the same thing and so it's great to see the start of this new movement!

So thank you Krista and I hope to see more women taking on awesome challenges like you, you rock!