As has become the norm in recent years, most influences in the lives of young people are beyond unrealistic, whether it be Barbie, Hannah Montana turned crazy sex pest Miley Cyrus or even Superheroes found in comic books.

Thus far we've not met a really positive role model for young girls until, drum roll please, we came across Faith, the plus size superhero who will be getting her own comic book series.

Valiant Comics have given Faith Herbert her own series which will be available as of January.

Faith, who's superhero name is Zephyr, is telekinetic and can fly, she was orphaned when she was young and is a sci-fi fan girl who likes to read comic books. She works as a blogger and models herself on her heroes, wearing glasses to hide her identity.


The writer of these books, Jody Houser told People Magazine: "I'm not going to ignore her size, but I don't want it to be a big issue or a big plot line with her, and I think it would be out of character to make it that. I wouldn't call her a plus size Superhero, she is a Superhero who is plus sized. And I know it's a very fine line there, but I think it's an important distinction."

We are really excited about Faith and can't wait to see these comic books available, it's no secret that we think postive role models are imperitive for young girls, and boys, in the hope that they can grow up with a realistc expectation for their lives and actually feel comfortable within themselves without the feeling that they aren't good enough.

Faith looks really badass but also the first superhero that we hope young girls can relate to, not least of all because her body actually has curves rather than those straight lines that made up female Superheroes until now.

Best of luck to Jody and Faith on their adventures, they have all of our support!