In an interview with Buzzfeed News, we heard how Dayna Christison, 25, is becoming one of the most inspirational people out there, having landed a modelling contract despite being diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's Lymphoma when she was 22.

The doctors originally told Dayna that the cancer was stage 2 but she later found out it was likely stage 4. Despite this however, she has so far walked in 6 shows and appeared in an advert for Urban Outfitters.

She got into it after being photographed by a friend who used the images for his portfolio, she says "when he started posting the photos I got a bunch of photographers that were really interested in working with me. Mind you, I was straight bald at this point."

After she lost her hair due to the treatment she says she couldn't find many good role models of other ladies who were rocking a bald head in the media.

"I refused to wear a wig or a scarf because, fuck everyone else, that's how I looked and I didn't want to hide that because of what other people thought. It was hard sometimes. I would get a lot of anxiety walking into places and felt weird when people would ask me about it."

But when she began to go out with a bald head, she found that other women fighting cancer would tell her how she was brave for having the confidence to rock the bald look.

"It was one of the most amazing feelings I've ever had to have someone say that I helped them feel more confident because of my confidence. I decided then that I needed to do this to help anyone I can feel even a little bit more secure in such an insecure time of their lives."

"I feel like everyone, at some point, has obstacles that they're trying to overcome, it's just a part of life. There's always going to be something pushing you back. It's how you decide to react to those obstacles and how you push through them that makes you achieve the things that you really want to get out of life. "

"I know that I want to help and inspire others and I know that I want to do it in my own way."

We're incredibly inspired by Dayna and wish her every bit of luck in the future, it is great to see someone breaking the mould and wearing their strength and bravery for all the see!