Kate Winslet has been hard to avoid as of late, which has never been a problem as I am a huge Titanic fan and have loved Kate since day 1. But I have to admit I am beyond disappointed to hear some of the things that she is coming out with at the moment. Of course there were her infamous comments on the gender pay gap (she thinks talking about money is 'vulgar') and now it's all about her war on Social Media.

On Radio 4's Woman Hour she says that she and her husband Ned Rocknroll (?!) have banned social media in their house because teenagers should be outside "climbing trees and dancing in the rain." 

She says "I don't feel I need it and neither does my husband and as a consequence why would the children? They would only be having it because their friends have got it and that's not a reason to have anything. It's just a trend and I don't like following trends anyway."

And although I slightly get where she is coming from, I mostly think that she is going about this in all the wrong way. Winslet has three children, Mia, 14, Joe, 11 and Bear, 23 months and I can't help but feel really sorry for them.

It makes perfect sense that Kate and her husband, both in their 40s don't feel that they 'need' social media and I love the idealistic thought process that if you don't let a child near social media then they are going to be desperate to dance in the rain. But unfortunately, most of being a teenager is wanting stuff that you're friends have, whether it be swanky trainers, a new lipstick or Facebook page.

She goes on to say: "They don't need Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Children should be outside climbing trees and dancing in the rain, they just don't need it. Self esteem for a teenager is everything, it's huge, particularly, I think, for a teenage girl and if that girl is posting pictures of herself on Instagram of how she did her hair or the way she did her makeup for an event or outfit she then will have her mood dictated entirely by how many likes or dislikes she got."

"And ultimately that's going to affect her self-esteem and how she views herself - those likes and dislikes that are often coming from complete strangers."

Now of course they don't NEED Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, nobody NEEDS these things but I think it is important for Kate to understand that just because she doesn't think that they need it, doesn't mean that they're going to see it that way. All of their friends are on social media all the time without even thinking about it but they've been banned, which lets face it, is going to make them feel very different. 

I keep up to date with all of my friends on Facebook, without it I would miss out on jokes and party invites and hilarious memes. I check the news on Twitter, I'm by no means 'addicted' to it but it is a very real and important part of my life that I fear Kate is forcing her children to miss out on.

She has also said "I want my children to grow up feeling confident in themselves because they're funny, because they're smart and because they can hang out with grown ups as well children and because they can run and play and laugh - those are things that build who a person really is and those are the things that will hopefully by everlasting in them as individuals.

I worry that social media genuinely does tamper with that development and as a parent it does concern me and that's why we don't have it."

And I desperately want to agree with you Kate, but unfortunately the rest of the world doesn't see it like that and, apart from anything, by banning your children from social media you are only encouraging them to rebel.

Yes it's probably a good thing that the youngest doesn't have it, and maybe the same can be said for the 11 year old, but for your daughter I think that it is unfair. Social Media is all around us now and I know it is a dangerous place and I know that if we could we would wrap our children in cotton wool but we can't and this is what the world looks like these days. Social media will not stop your daughter from feeling funny or smart and it won't prevent her from being able to talk to grown ups, what she needs, is balance.

There is a whole tonne of pressure on teenagers and I do not dispute that Social Media is at part to blame but unfortunately we are unable to stop this crazy beast, the best we can do is teach our children to use it safely and wisely whilst reminding them how good it is to play in the rain.