You may have seen over the last few days pictures and posts of 21-year-old Lucy Hill, a British backpacker, who, following an accident in which she fell off a moped in Thailand, desperately needed a blood transfusion. Lucy's friend's and family took to Facebook to find out if anyone knew anyone who was in Thailand who might have the same blood type as Lucy and would be able to save her life.

And in an AMAZING turn of events, following the Facebook appeal, there were queues of people outside the hospital in Thailand offering to give Lucy the relatively rare type of blood that she needed.

Fewer than 1% of Thai people have negative blood types, hence the Social Media campaign from her friends and family urging Westerners to come forwards.

Her best friend, Darren Burns posted on Facebook that she was still in intensive care but that she had received a blood transfusion and was out of immediate danger, he added: "Compassionate people from all over the world came together over the space of 24 hours for a girl from Bury!'

In total, the appeal was shared 40,000 times in the space of 6 hours and saw countless people offering to help, and we think it is just beyond amazing. All of our thoughts and prayers are with Lucy and her family as she recovers and we also just wanted to say the most enormous thank you to everyone that shared the post.

We often find ourselves criticizing Social Media, talking about it as if it's the worst thing to EVER happen to human-kind, but after reading a story like this, I hope we can all be reminded that if used right, Social Media really is a tool for good and a force to be reckoned with. Human kindness and compassion has done an amazing thing here!