So last week, Irish Radio Presenter, Susan Keogh shared an open letter to the man that had trolled her on Twitter a few days earlier. The man in question had tweeted her after Susan had posted some tweets about her four year old daughter Faith, he had suggested that perhaps if she missed her daughter, she should quit her job. 

Which wouldn't seem that bad of course, if this tweet hadn't been sent from a man, to a woman. Because let's face it, if Dave from accounting started saying that he never got to see his kids, he would be met with sympathy, rather than the suggestion that he stops earning money to go and spend time with his children.

Guilt. That's a woman's problem, right? 

Anyhoo, without wishing to get too far into a feminist rant here I just wanted to share Susan's letter, which I'm sure will resonate with so many other hard working mums out there.

Thanks so much for sharing this Susan and thanks for being a great role model, not just to your daughter but to ALL women out there who are just trying to do their best!