So this week Kelly Brook seems to have got herself into hot water after sharing a photo on her Instagram account that appears to have been photoshopped (quite badly) to give the model a tiny waist.

The photo might have gone unnoticed if the club that she was in had not uploaded a similar photo at around the same time, but unfortunately for Kelly they did and her DIY attempts at home improvements are clear for all to see.

And I'm really disappointed. 

All we've heard over the last few weeks is how Instagram is one big lie and how we must not believe everything that we see on there, something that I am beginning to totally understand, but I have to say, despite not knowing much about her in the first place, I had really hoped that she would not be one of the women to fall into this dangerous trap.

Like I say, I know very little about her and am not entirely sure how she became famous, but I am not offended by her. On the contrary, I like to see photos of her and am always encouraged to see that despite the industry in which she lives and works, she has always maintained a seemingly healthy figure.

She has also spoken out about photoshopping in the past, saying that photos that have been edited ought to labelled and she's shamed publications that have over-photoshopped her. Which in light of her latest Instagram post is actually laughable.

She talks quite openly about dieting but has never become scarily thin and always appears to lose weight in a healthy way. She is the ultimate pin-up girl for men up and down the country (once more proving my point that men really do like a woman with a little meat on the bones) and I think she is actually a fairly healthy role model.

I had hoped at least that she would be the type of woman to embrace the curve and appreciate her body for making her into the success that she is today. I was therefore beyond gutted to see that she had photoshopped her own image.

It is one thing to see these changes made in newspapers and magazines following ridiculous days on freezing beaches in tiny bikinis, but it is quite another to see a personal photo shared from a fun night out butchered to within an inch of it's life.

Recently an app for airbrushing appeared on my Instagram on a sponsored post and it dons the caption 'look your best' or something equally shit. I of course, had to see what the fuss was about and downloaded the app onto my phone. It allows you to remove blemishes, whiten your teeth, resize elements of your body, brighten your eyes and a whole load of other stuff that would not have even occurred to me.

I tried it once or twice but actually all I have achieved thus far is making myself look either totally terrifying or totally unrecognisable, or both. Although there is an awful lot I wouldn't mind touching up I am not the type of woman who wants to be airbrushed for two reasons: 

1) It's a lie and I hate lies.

2) I would totally get caught out and that would just be embarrassing.

Yeh so I couldn't resist it, I had to have a little go... I obviously need a bit of practise, the door behind me looks like it's being sucked into a time-portal. 

So the app isn't for me and I'm not going to use it, even though I would quite like to be this long in real life, it is NOT real and I would do well to remember that. But the fact that it is so easily accessible is annoying because it is implying that girls need to use the app to look good. And then someone like Kelly Brook shamelessly airbrushes herself and I'm not entirely sure what we're supposed to do.

I was relieved to see that the reaction to the picture was negative but the fact that she has jumped onto this ridiculous bandwagon is incredibly depressing.

Kelly Brook has been a total moron to do this and I am ashamed that she felt the need to change her body, which let's face it, is one that every woman and her dog envies. She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful body and an army of female followers, so I hope and pray that she will see sense, apologise for this and embrace her natural beauty going forwards because God knows she's got it.

In the meantime, if we could please continue to use Instagram in the way that nature intended: for pictures of your food, shots of your puppy and captions about the weather I reckon there is hope for this app yet. 

Stay real ladies.