You may seen a photo that has been doing the rounds on Twitter recently of a woman who shared a photo of her tummy and legs with the caption "walmart underwear vibes" on Christmas Eve. 

Sadly and predictably however, Suraiya has received a whole ton of abuse for the hair that she has on her stomach. Rather than taking it lying down though, Suraiya, along with a whole heap of people on Twitter have hit back and it's kind of awesome.

Most of the abuse came from blokes who, in Suraiya's own words would be "too intimidated by my looks to approach me but on here they brave AF telling me to wax."

But the most amazing thing about this story was how people come out en masse to fight back against the trolling, saying that they had been given confidence by this image and by the response Suraiya then tweeted:

She then went on to say: "For any hate I received I got the same amount of love back. And that's what made it totally worth it.

I think women should just do what they want. No one should dictate what we embrace. If women want to embrace shaving, then shave, if they want to embrace being hairy- awesome. I'm tired of constantly seeing women being put in a position of helplessness with their bodies. The narrative belongs to us, and so do the choices we make within the narrative."

We just wanted to say a big old thank you to Suraiya for not only sharing this photo and reminding us that women really do come in all shapes and forms, but also for fighting back against the cowardly bastards who dared to question your fabulous body.