"You have no idea how much you take your legs for granted" - Lauren Watson

It's a cold and grey Monday, the Summer is over yet Christmas seems a great slog of 9-5s away and we thought you could all do with a little dose of inspiration. And boy have we got something amazing to share with you!

Introducing Lauren Watson who was injured in a car accident fifteen years ago which left her partially paralysed from the waist down, who has now fulfilled her dream (and beaten all the odds) by becoming an aerial acrobat.

On her blog Watson writes:

"I needed something fun and exciting to challenge me to move my body and that's how I stumbled on aerial and thought, what is more challenging than a person hanging upside down from material rigged from the ceiling who can only use half their body?"

(Although we are sure this is a rhetorical question, we'd like to answer it anyway and say.. err nothing?!?!?!)

She says alongside one of her Instagram videos: "giving yourself a break is the hardest thing to do when you're a perfectionist and even more so when you have a broken little body like mine, I just want to look like everyone else... That's me, bad feet, weak ankles and muscle wastage aside, it's me and it doesn't matter that I'm not perfect because at the end of the day, I'm still doing it...'

And for this Lauren we just wanted to say THANK YOU.

We at Pretty Normal Me are as guilty as the next girl of really taking our lives for granted, the smallest things that we think nothing of may well be something that someone else is desperate for. The ability to walk the dog, run up the stairs or even join a gym class are things we are perfectly willing to whinge about and so to Lauren, for putting some perspective on our lives we really do want to say thank you.

Lauren has made something extraordinary out of an otherwise horrible situation, but more impressive even perhaps than her acrobatics is her attitude, her zest for life and her incredible positive outlook.

On starting the blog Lauren wrote "I look forward to sharing my experiences in the hope that you will get something out of this blog and to also prove that if you want something badly you can achieve ANYTHING"

(Lauren has one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts we have come across so please do check that out and keep an eye on her blog Fitness To Free as well!)