If you haven't heard of Iskra Lawrence yet, you're going to need to catch up and fast because she is our new great love here at Pretty Normal Me.

Iskra is a model turned editor who, as of tomorrow will have launched Runway Riot, the latest style and fashion site for 'an underepresentated and often under-appreciated majority of women in America who wear larger sizes.' 

In an interview with Glamour, Iskra says how she started modelling aged 13 and was signed with Storm Modelling Agency but 'every time I went to the agency, they would measure my hips. Every time I did a show, I would hear 'her hips are too big'. So when I was 15, going on 16, and they said I was going to have to lose weight because my hips were already 36 inches and models should be a 34. I got dropped from the agency.'

She says she then looked into Plus Size modelling when she was 18 but was then told that she was too small at a UK 12, I mean really... what's a girl to do?

She then started to work with Aerie who she says have changed her life, she says of the company, 'some of them have daughters that have eating disorders and they're really passionate about that cause. When I started working for them it changed my life and I wanted to help change other girls lives through their campaigns.'

And it seems that Iskra's need to inspire didn't stop there, in fact, she has since made it her life's work:

'I genuinely wake up, look at my vision board in front of my bed and ask myself what I'm going to do that morning to try to chagne these girls lives and make sure nobody has to go through what I felt when I was doing fashion shows where I couldn't fit into any of the clothes, looking at my body pleading for it to change, googling operations to try to make my calves smaller, looking in the mirror and just asking "why me?"'

And so Iskra has decided to make a really positive change by becoming Managing Editor of Runway Riot which is launching tomorrow. Of Runway Riot she says:

'I want readers to say 'Woa, I've never seen anything so inspiring and aspirational that relates to me." I want everything to be unretouched and not call anything plus-sized. Instead it will be size catagorized, like 0-8, 10-16, 18-above - so that a size 20 girl isn't having to click through 300 tops to see if they come in her size.'

Of course we are loving the sound of Runway Riot, a much needed and crucial step for the body positive movement but we also wanted to thank Iskra for being properly kick-ass inspiring and doing something truly amazing.

'We need to realize that we can do anything with out lives because of who we are. Because I'm Iskra and because of this experience I can now do XY and Z. Know that it's more important to learn, take in culture, meet people, and try to achieve something more with your life other than what you look like. Instead of waking up and worrying about your thigh gap, wake up and worry about what you're going to achieve today what you can do and how you can give back...'

Best of luck with Runway Riot Iskra, you have our full support!

And Pretty Normal Me-ers, you have been warned, this girl is going places!