I am so super duper excited to announce that everyone's favourite dolls just got real. The Barbie Doll, a right of passage for every little girl out there has long since been under fire for promoting unrealistic beauty standards. 

For at some point in their little lives, every girl out there has wanted to look like Barbie, she's wanted to be beautiful like Barbie.

And the great news is, now she can - because Barbie just got real.

The original Barbie Doll, if made into human size, would look completely ridiculous and the company have been in the firing line a lot about how these dolls with their completely hypothetical bodies were setting standards for young girls that they didn't stand a chance at meeting.

But today Barbie announced their new range and I am SO excited.

The new dolls now range in size, Tall, Curvy and Petite, as well as varying in skin colour and even offering some wacky hair.

At the end of the day Barbie will, of course, be nothing more than a doll and perhaps not something that your daughter or sister is really aspiring to anyway, but isn't it so wonderful to see this tiny, yet enormous change which may well help to pull a whole heap of pressure off young girls?

Gone are the days when Barbie could fit into everything in the shop - now at least, as Curvy Barbie tries to borrow Original Barbie's dresses, and gets it stuck somewhere on her arse, young girls won't feel so confused when this happens to them for the first time and they can see that we all have different bodies and that is a-okay.

Well done Barbie for giving your dolls this much needed makeover!