So predictably, the BBC have been accused of sexism this week as no women made it through to the final ten on MasterChef: The Professionals. The show, which started off with 48 contestants only saw six females enter and as the weeks have gone by we have apparently waved goodbye to equality.

Except we SO haven't. I'm sorry to say it, because y'all know I'm as fuck-yeh-womens-rights as anyone, but I just don't buy it, I do NOT believe that the BBC are orchestrating a sexist attack here, but I have to say I so saw this coming. 

Now admittedly, perhaps more than six women could have been entered into the show in the first place, but I want to know where all the cries of sexism were then? It's only become a problem now that the final is a sausage fest, which MIGHT be an issue if it was a show which tested success, or driving or even one's ability to apply makeup, but it's not, it's a cooking show, for professional chefs, who are quite clearly judged on their talent.

I DON'T buy for a single minute that the judges are there tapping their fingers together and plotting the demise of women, I reckon they are just there eating and bitching. (about the cooking, this is not a sexist remark).

I watched an episode a while ago with my mum (I haven't followed the show so forgive me for not knowing any names) and I found myself praying for the woman to be voted off, NOT BECAUSE I'M SEXIST, but because, even though I really liked her, she was 15 minutes late on delivery and I really liked the others too. But since I was watching the BBC I totally accepted that in the interest of avoiding the terrifying mob that come out at even a sniff of sexism, she was going to make it through. So please imagine my surprise when she was voted off, I actually thought to myself: finally, we're getting somewhere. They're not playing favourites simply because she's wearing a bra underneath all of that.

And do you want to know something? It's a total relief that they have been treated fairly and sent packing like the 32 men who have also been voted off, it's nice to see that for once, the little ladies, with their little lady brains and sensitive little lady fingers, that aren't very good at chopping, haven't just been ushered straight into the final, in the interest of 'equality'. Nothing very equal about that to me.

But, for some reason, (despite the fact that the Great British Bake Off was won by a woman by the way), Sam Smethers, head of women's rights charity The Fawcett Society, said "An all male MasterChef line-up shows there is a problem in the industry".

And for the first time in a long time I find myself agreeing with the BBC when they hit back saying: "Contestants are judged solely on the strength of their cooking." Which makes total sense.

I DO appreciate that more women could have been entered initially, but let's face it, the beeb will have done everything in their power to showcase as much diversity as possible, so perhaps not that many women entered? Who knows.

The point is, the fact that this particular batch of men were more talented than this particular batch of women is NOT sexism, it's life, and we are going to lose a lot of respect very quickly if we assume that every single time a woman doesn't win something it's because she has a vagina.

Apart from anything, the next time some 1950's dwelling tosser tells you that a woman's place is in the kitchen, you are able to point back to the 2015 Masterchef final and retort that no, perhaps not and maybe they should do the cooking tonight. (Again, this is just a joke, please don't tell Sam Smethers).