“Real People, No Airbrushing”

Well ent that just the dream? I have literally spent the last 10 years of my life waiting for the day I’d see a brand being modelled by a normal woman, a woman with hips and boobs and heaven forbid, maybe a spot? A beautiful woman that hasn’t been manipulated and moulded into unrecognisable, porcelain, cellulite-less picture, I’ve waited for the day that I could go online to buy something that, when it arrived, would actually look on me like it did on the model.

Andddd, drumroll please… THAT DAY IS HERE. (Well strictly speaking it arrived two weeks ago… but…)The campaign I have been waiting for has arrived in the shape of Lunn Farrow.

Lunn Farrow, a clothing brand championing real men and real women, launched a couple of weeks ago is fast becoming the campaign of the moment, and rightly so, Lauren (founder and shining light) strongly believes in the idea of Real People, No Airbrushing, and rather than sitting at home mumbling about the unfairness of life and the pressures of girls in today’s society, she’s gone and done something totally amazing about it. (Oh and don’t worry, I’m already planning her imminent kidnap and initiation to the Pretty Normal Me Team).

The campaign has banned models (can you imagine?!) and the clothes have been worn by girls raging from 10-28! (I think model years generally speaking follow the same sort of structure as dog years, so it’s pretty savage to see someone nearly 30 eh?) And the best part? They’re really great clothes! (See for yourself...)

In case y'all haven't noticed, one of the biggest Pretty Normal Me bugbears is the misconceptions put on us by the fashion industry. We celebrated this week that Topshop have agreed not to stock the quite frankly ridiculously skinny maneuquins anymore but the fact that they're being manufactured at that size is a worry in itself! Despite the demand for plus size clothing and the support surronding the body positive movement there is still an awful lot of pressure to be aliviated from girls in the fashion industry and I think Lauren might be onto something.

In a world where we can literally photoshop our entire lives (damn you app store!), where everything can be a little bluer, smaller, perkier, I'm seriously enjoying the idea of reigning it back in a bit. Sure Lunn Farrow have some proper beauties modelling their clothes, but they're real! How long has it been since we've seen something REALLY real?

Now, it’s time to admit my bias... (no shame!) One of the ’not’ models of this campaign is a lifelong friend of mine, I have literally seen this girl under every light, stolen many an item of clothing from her and on one particular occasion (my twelfth birthday) we even wore the same dress to a party… (Yeh, we’re those kind of friends!) And that’s what makes this so great. She's a real person. Who really looks like this all the time! 

I always wonder what models look like at home, literally when they wake up or when they’re drinking tea or on the loo or whatever, to get an idea of what i’m buying into, you know? And for the first time I really know! (Not the loo thing though, I'm not a creep). I know that these clothes will look exactly the same on El as they do in these pictures when she’s on the tube on the way home, or hungover on the beach, because it's all very honest.

These clothes are not necessarily going to look as good on me as they do on her, (cracking figure that one!), we’re all different, but that’s not the point! This is the first genuinely all inclusive campaign that I ever remember seeing and it feels good.

The Pretty Normal Me Mantra is Audrey Hepburn's famous quote: ‘Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls’ and the proof is in the pudding ladies and gents. Look how happy they all look... and how incredibly beautiful they are as a result! I can’t tell you the relief that washes over me when I look at the Lunn Farrow pictures because these girls are smiling. They don’t look hungry or sad or painful or posey, they look like the really happy pretty people that they are in real life.
And so, retailers of the internet, may I please suggest that you not only take a leaf out of Lauren Lunn Farrow’s book but the whole bloody tree, This is refreshing and fun and makes me want to actually own these clothes, which is more than I can say for a lot of other brands right now. (I literally haven't internet shopped in eighteen months because I'm sick of sending stuff back).
It's refreshing and exciting and hopefully the beginning of an epic revolution!
Make sure to check them out and give them all the support you can...

Lots of love xx