Last night saw the end of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2016 and Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt being crowned, perhaps unsurprisingly, as this year's Queen of the Jungle. Sadly I missed a large amount of this year's series because our wifi has been down (GRRR) but the episodes I did watch were absolutely brilliant. Unlike last year where every episode saw fighting and unhappiness in camp, this year has been totally un-explosive, and with the exception of Martin Roberts getting under the skin of a few people, there was really very little animosity amongst the celebrities.

Theoretically this could have made the show boring; we, as viewers, love to hate people on TV and the likes of Lady C flat out refusing to do trials last year was to many, TV gold. But somehow, this year hasn't been boring at all. In fact, everyone I have spoken to has said how nice it's been to watch a show full of NICE people doing NICE things. I couldn't agree more, our screens have recently become so full of 'sex on TV' and 'explosive rows' that I'm A Celeb made a refreshing break from what we've become used to on the likes of Geordie Shore, Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother.

And yet.

This morning, the headlines have been chockablock full of stories about this year's series and with every one I've read, I have heard the sound of shit stirring getting louder. All of a sudden, what was until today, a nice, easy going, happy three weeks on prime time television is now full of explosive scandal, proving once again, that society is a fucking miserable little bastard that is hell bent on depriving us of all things good.

So far this morning:

- People are up in arms about Scarlett having photos of herself in a lift on Instagram. (Even though she said on the show that she was claustrophobic?!)

- The show is OBVIOUSLY a 'fix'. (According to the family of 3rd place contestant: Adam... funnily enough not from the family of 1st or 2nd place).

- Vicky Pattinson put the crown on Scarlett's head in a 'rude' way. (Obviously because she was SO bitter about handing over the twig crown and nothing to do with the fact that she had a producer in her ear rushing her along...).

- The contestants have given explosive interviews. (They've actually just given interviews and mentioned ONE thing that didn't appear on the TV).

- Their bikini bodies are anybody's business. (Tell us Ola, how much weight did you actually lose in there???)

- Wayne Bridge doesn't have enough sex. (No doubt because his wife is a frigid bitch and nothing to do with the fact the couple have two young children).

Etc. Etc. Etc.

There are articles for DAYS about this. 

And it's SO annoying. It was a great show. It racked in millions of viewers. Who all bloody loved it. I will absolutely not have been alone in shedding a tear for Scarlett as she crossed the bridge last night, marvelling in what a truly humble and sweet girl she was and how she properly deserved to win it. Nor will I have been alone in having the warm fuzzy feeling that I got in my tummy when I saw all the contestants sitting together in the studio clapping Joel and Scarlett in. It was really nice people doing really nice stuff.


Journalists, Tweeters, take note. There isn't a scandal in everything, nor should there be. After what has been actually, a truly shit year, why on earth can we not all rally together to share some GOOD news and to celebrate in something really nice that just happened on the telly?

It is Christmas after all...