Model Rosie Mercado went from 410lbs to 170lbs but told TMZ that despite her excitement, some of her 'fans', that she describes as 'fat activists', have not been so happy for her, in fact, some of them suggested that she ought to kill herself. 

Although she says that the other plus size models weren't unkind, she described the resentment and said: 'there's a group of people that resented that I was losing weight because they thought that diet equals being a size zero, and diet for me really equaled a life style change, it equaled freedom. It didn't equal a size. It equated to having freedom of choice and [to] get on a rollercoaster and go zip lining and just having fun."

She says "I got hate mail! Not so much [from the] other models, just fans that just hated, I mean they told me to jump off a bridge and kill myself for losing weight. I've had activists, there you go, fat activists, they just hated the thought that I was really public about my weight loss and that I was losing weight."

When asked why she thought she might be receiving hate she said: "every body loves to be happy in their own way, some people love being overweight, some people don't, I think it's a personal choice and there's good and bad that comes with any life choices and changes, you know what, you gotta just let it go, not pay attention to the negative remarks and also, I think that they didn't like that I was so public about my weight loss AND getting a tummy tuck, getting skin removal and being just authentic about it, but I'm happy at the end of the day."

Rosie looks absolutely amazing right now and although I am incredibly sad to read about the hate that she is receiving, I am anything from surprised. Ever since the plus size movement began blowing up, which IS a great thing by the way, don't get me wrong, there had been a whole other dimension introduced to the world of body shaming.

Of course before it's beginning, we were either fat or thin, there were those two camps and you'd be squished into one of them. If we were thin we were told we needed to put weight on or else be 'too skinny', just 'flesh and bones' and if we were fat we were shamed into losing weight, because you know, being fat is so gross. (SARCASM ALERT)

But now, you have to be the right kind of fat. The right kind of plus size. The right kind of size zero. I don't know, I can't keep up, and I'm not the only one. This will take a while to figure out, it's new and we can't expect everyone to just settle into their new categories without a teething period. 

But this thin-shaming? Is that what it's called? This is TERRIBLE! This beautiful girl lost weight because SHE wanted to and sounds genuinely excited about her new future, so why are people being anything other than happy for her? Rosie is not the only one, Jordon Woods spoke out this morning about how her fans have given her a hard time for going to the gym incase she loses weight and Iskra Lawrance and Ashley Graham have both spoken out about it in the past. I see this behaviour amongst my friends sometimes on a lesser scale, when one of us tries to quit smoking or drinking the others give them a hard time, not because we don't them to quit, but because we don't want to be the only one left doing something the others were all strong enough to defeat. And that's actually pretty sick and what I suspect, is happening here.

Wherever these comments have stemmed from, whether it be bitterness or jealousy or even genuine concern, we need to remember that it is rarely our place to say anything and that really, all we can, all we SHOULD be doing, unless instructed otherwise, is being happy that someone else is doing something in their life that they are proud of.

So from all of us here at Pretty Normal Me, Rosie WELL DONE. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE.