In a bid to celebrate self love and encourage people to be kinder to themselves, a trend has been going on over the last few months, in which people are getting those very words, "self love" tattooed on themselves to serve as a reminder, every time they see it, of what they have been through or how they should be treating themselves. And before you roll your eyes in the way that my mother does when I talk about about tattoos, I would ask you to spare judgement here, as this craze is something that I think is really positive, and is a powerful way in which people are sharing their journeys and learning to love themselves.

The trend was started by Australian artist Frances Cannon who says anyone can get a self love tattoo but says that they must follow the club rules:

"You must always show yourself respect, love forgiveness and understanding. You must show each other respect, love forgiveness and understanding. You must be kind to your body and you must take care of your mental health."

Frances originally got the words tattooed on herself and told the Huffington Post UK: "For me, it is a symbol of my journey to self love, and my desire to look at myself and be kind to myself. But each of the tattoos means different thing to everyone who gets them. It's really open and inclusive, which is really cool. The tattoo is just one little step, the rest of it is up to them. Self acceptance is a choice you have to make each day, there's no easy answer to self love."


I know that tattoos are not everybody's cup of tea and to some this idea might seem a little out the park, but I have to say I really do love this one. Mental health issues are often invisible to the outside world and I actually think it's really nice that girls are feeling brave enough to do something visible and permanent. 

We women are not kind enough to ourselves, that's a fact that no one can deny, and if this even helps one person love themselves a little bit more, then who are we to hate? Great club Frances, and big love to all of your members, maybe I'll join you one day eh?