We are always told, by everyone that we know of the older generations, whether it be our mums, our grannies, or even our friends: DON'T WEAR FOUNDATION. We’re not sure why, but they say time and time again, ‘you don’t need it’, ‘you’ll ruin your skin’, 'save it for when you're older'... But do we listen? No. Of course, we don’t listen. Why would we? Foundation is FUN. It gives us good skin. It hides our spots. All our friends wear it. It makes us look flawless. 

So despite being told time and time again not to, since I was 13, I’ve worn foundation, to hide the spots that are there, as it transpires, as a result of the foundation. Ironically. I don't even think about it anymore. Every morning, I wake up, paint my face while still half asleep, and crack on. I think the sun has actually forgotten what my natural skin looks like, it's been that long. But then,  something terrible happened: The other day I was looking in the mirror having just finished applying the slap, and I noticed something that I did NOT expect to see… a wrinkle.

And not like a ‘smile’ line, or a ‘frown’ line or even just part of my face, it was a full on, deep set, FUCK OFF wrinkle above my left eyebrow. Now for many people that is no big deal, and in the grand scheme of life, it totally isn’t, but it still scared me something silly.

I had just put foundation onto my face and it had set into the deep groove in my forehead and after closer examination, I accounted it to dry skin. So, at lightening speed, I removed all my foundation, washed my face with cleanser and toner, before moisturising it and putting oil on. I then spent the day moisturising every couple of hours (due to panic) and didn’t put any makeup on for a few days, instead just moisturising two or three times a day.

And drumroll please....... The wrinkles have GONE. Or, more specifically, they're still there but more as a feature and less like a crack in the foundation.

So have my spots (mostly) and I look really healthy... Though I say so myself.

I remember talking to the wonderful Alexandra Soveral, super duper skin expert, a few months ago and she had told me, in no uncertain terms that at my age, I absolutely shouldn’t be wearing foundation, only concealer if we wanted to cover a spot, alongside a really good skincare routine.

Something that I am much too lazy for, and something that I just felt that I didn’t need to do. I was(/am) the sort of person who is more than happy to fall asleep with makeup on if I've had more than a glass of wine before bed. I also wouldn't bother washing my face if I didn't have spots because, errr, what's the point? I felt like all that anti-ageing stuff didn't apply to me. Oh how wrong was I? 

I am now onto my sixth day of no foundation and honestly my skin has never looked better. So, unless you have acne or some blemishes that you are really keen to cover, I really would implore you to give this a go.

Or at least make sure that you're operating a really strict skincare routine alongside your makeup one. I'm talking moisturisers, cleansers, toners, eight hour cream, oils - the works. Honestly I'm a woman possessed these days, and once you get into the habit, it really isn't that bad.

Of course, if I go out to a party or need to go somewhere fancy-shmancy in the next few weeks I will put foundation on, because, well, I wanna look super glam and for the sake of a night out I will paint my face.

But for the time being I am sticking to moisturiser during the day and concealer where absolutely necessary! I really do look the best I ever have and for the sake of my future face, I need to offset these wrinkles. Apart from anything I think my skin is grateful for a really overdue break,

For more info on taking care of your skin, check out our interview with Alexandra Soveral here.

PS. If any of you are looking for a really good concealer, I can really recommend the one that I own and love: Face Stockholm Blemish & Capillary Concealer, £25 - if you are interested in snapping some up, drop me a message and I can order some for you, info@prettynormalme.com

Let me know how you get on giving your skin a well earned break!! xxxx