Today I was brought to tears by kindness from a stranger. Although I technically run a blog, I'm not sure I count as a proper blogger yet as I very rarely receive any post, (so can't partake in #POBoxOpening, #Haul, #FreeShitAllTheTime trends) and so today, when something arrived from AMERICA of all places I was so beyond confused. I hadn't ordered anything and I don't really have any friends over there, and definitely not ones that would be sending me some fairly weighty packages. I opened the box to find more gorgeous stationery than I know what to do with which was sent by one of my B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L readers because, she explained in the card attached, I once tweeted asking where I could get some great stationary from. I honestly don't know what to say.

I know that the world is full of good people, of course it is, but we would be forgiven for forgetting that sometimes. America is run by a lunatic, the news is awash with terrible stories and living in a city like London it is easy to feel isolated. We don't often see the goodness that is around us. But today someone did something so sweet and so kind and so thoughtful, unprompted and unasked, just because she could, and it has given me faith in people that I didn't think possible.

The person responsible for this kindness, by the way, is called Chelsea. Chelsea has supported the blog for a really long time and I'm not sure if she will ever know how much her presence and kindness, even before today's parcel, has meant to be. Receiving kind tweets and messages means more to me than I think anyone will ever understand and receiving something like this? Well it's got me in tears. Happy tears. Tears that have reminded me how truly wonderful people can be. How great the world can be. 

To my mind, there is nothing more magical than a random act of kindness. Than doing something nice for someone, just because you can. We forget, I think, the potential that we have to bring joy to other people. How much it means to someone to know that you are thinking of them. How much it means to them to know that you care. 

We're the social media generation; we're the: 'why send a card when you can send a text?', 'why waste money on an invitation when you can make a Facebook post?' creatures of the world. The postal system has taken a battering since the invention of Facebook and we, we have become lazy. But today I was inspired. Today I realised what a difference that effort can make to someone's life. My life changed today, because someone did something so kind for me. My day is better, the sun seems brighter and I'm overwhelmed by the warmest, fuzziest sensation in my tummy. 

A sensation that I want everybody in the world to have. And so I am going to set you a challenge. Next week we all need to be a bit more like Chelsea. A girl who I have never met, who I do not know, who went out of her way to not only buy me presents but post them the whole way across the world. A girl who has written me a letter and made me cry with her kindness. What Chelsea did today was the ultimate random act of kindness; I did not expect it and I certainly do not feel that I deserve it, but it was so truly beautiful. 

So I wanted to use this space to say two things really. One, thank you Chelsea, thank you so much for being so thoughtful. And two, to everyone else, let's take some inspiration. Let's be more like Chelsea. Let's scoop together the addresses of our friends and do something randomly wonderful for them. I promise you, it will mean more to them than you could ever know.