This Sunday, 26th March is Mother's Day (for those of you who needed a gentle reminder!) and it's time to spoil the women that made us! Anyone who knows me knows that I love my wonderful mum and at this time of year I always find myself in a panic that I'm not going to get her the present that she deserves. So for anyone that is in a similar position I've pulled together a list of lovely things that I know my mum would love!

So my mum has been dropping hints about this for YEARS and based on that alone, this is my recommendation of choice. I actually received this for Christmas and it is so fresh and beautiful. It is very expensive but to my mind it is worth every penny. A little goes a long way...

Bath Bombs

You can't go far wrong here, unless of course your mum doesn't own a bath in which case this is a terrible idea! My mum absolutely loved the ones that were in his Christmas stocking as they do make lovely gifts!


These are just so classic and beautiful that they will for sure be a firm favourite. Although the product is of course great, it's the packaging that makes these such special gifts. 


These make SUCH heavenly presents. They're actually really reasonably priced and give off the best smell.

Reed Diffuser

If your mum is into smells then this is another favourite. I have the Spa fragrance in my bedroom and it is the most beautiful thing! Highly recommended.

Pillow Spray

Is there anything better than the gift of sleep? This is the ultimate luxury present and if your mum struggles sleeping or just loves her bed then this is something totally worth buying!

Happiness Planner

If your mum is into mindfulness then these make great presents. They are beautifully packaged and can make a really fun project. 


The safest of all the presents unless your mum is on a diet/can't eat dairy! Chocolate shops make the most beautiful things at this time of year but I particularly love this one, it's good fun, sweet and the chocolate from this place is AMAZING!