There are lots of things about Valentine's Day that I don't love. The fact that millions of shops are making a fortune praying on lost souls and hopelessly unromantic people who think a bunch of garage flowers is enough and I also don't love that those people who are without another half are made to feel left out and alone on the most romantic day of the year. But there are some things that I do love about it, particularly this year as the trend of 'Gal'entine's Day sweeps the world.

Galentine's Day is of course a day dedicated to celebrating your best gals. Now THIS is something that I can get on board with. I love my boyfriend to pieces, of course I do, but I've got a lot of love to give and think it would be unfair to direct all of my warm and gooey feelings to him and him alone. No, no this is the year for ALL the special people in my life; most notably, my gals. 

So for anyone fearing a night of Bridget Jones-esque ice cream eating on Tuesday night because society tells them that this is the protocol for those without a great love, might I suggest you rally your squad and celebrate with the people that you love? Who says it has to be a partner/significant other, whatever you want to call it? Get the drinks in, get all dolled up and hell, if you're feeling really generous, I've compiled a list of presents that I personally would be chuffed to receive from my Galentine.

Why no one came up with this any sooner I don't know but man I'm happy that it's here! So for all those not celebrating Valentine's Day this year, or who, like me has a lot of love to give: Happy Galentine's Day!

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