By my reckoning there is not a human being alive who doesn't suffer with the Sunday night blues. Even those who work weekends, or don't work at all, will probably find themselves stifling a bit of apprehension and dread come Sunday lunchtime. For me it stems from school. When you're a kid the weekend is something that you live for (same story applies for adults too actually) and the bell ringing on Friday afternoon means freedom. Homework is forgotten, uniform discarded, nails are painted and bedtimes are studiously ignored. Sunday morning lie-in was the best, but as you got up you knew that this was the last day and at some point, any minute now, mum would ask the inevitable question: is everything ready for tomorrow? And then the stress would start, looking for everything that you had abandoned in an excited frenzy on Friday afternoon, frantically starting the homework totally neglected all of last week, setting your alarm once again for 6.30 and despising everything. 

And since I'm an adult? Not much has changed really. Sunday's are lovely, London fills up with brunchers and walkers, parks fill with markets and football games and films are watched by the thousand. But there is a cloud that sits over Sunday, ask anyone, we all feel it, that we can't get away from as we plan our early bedtimes and manically start doing all the washing in the hope that at least one thing worn last week will be dry enough to wear tomorrow. 

For a long time Sunday was one of my least favourite days of the week, I was in a sort of limbo, out of a routine and living in a haze of dread, but recently I've been adopting little tips and tricks to help myself beat the Sunday night blues. I've actually become a huge Monday lover recently, seeing it as a fresh start gifted to me once a week and since then have seen my Sunday rituals change completely, so I have gathered a list of all the things that I've started doing on Sundays that are making them much better days!

Make your bed.

Making your bed on a Sunday morning is something that I very rarely did, I would drag myself from the comfort of those warm sheets and making it look all fancy was the last thing on my mind. As a result I'd find getting into it again always felt a little horrid; like the days were just merging into one and I somehow wasn't being productive with my life. When I get into a well made bed I just feel BETTER, more ready for the day and less like a crap, sloppy, poor excuse for an adult. 

Tidy the house.

This might seem like the last thing in the world that you want to do but there is nothing better than a tidy house on a Sunday night. If you go into Monday morning with residue of the weekend kicking around, you're setting yourself up for carnage. If everything is put where it is supposed to be and the house looks and feels good, so will you; trust me.


For the same reason that you should tidy your house, if the house is somewhere that you want to be that is making you feel calm and happy and at ease, it will help you so so much. Sitting amongst lovely things is for sure good for the brain and will really help you to calm down and feel lovely and great.

Plan Monday's outfit.

I know this might take you back to your school days but it is guaranteed to help. Lay out exactly what you want to wear and leave it somewhere obvious; your saving yourself the Monday morning worry and you might even find yourself looking forward to looking fabulous and kicking ass. 

Make a 'goals for the week' list.

'This week I want to go to the gym three times, I want to try a new recipe, I want to go to the cinema, finish off that project and buy a new book.' Those are all nice things and if you can make a list of lovely goals then you will find yourself looking forward to the day when you can start doing wonderful things. 

Make Monday appealing.

My advice would be to either make a lovely lunch to take into work with you OR plan a cinema trip or new recipe on Monday night, this will make the day something to look forward to and you might even find yourself lying in bed on Sunday night willing it to go a little faster so that you can do all the things that you are excited about.

Get out of the house.

Even if it's only for a two minute walk round the block or to the local co-op, getting out is really important. If you've been out all day then perhaps this doesn't apply but if you have been nursing a hangover in PJs all day and haven't so much as opened a window then you will be in a funk that you need to get out of. Trust me, fresh air, no matter how fleeting, will really help.

Wash yourself/you hair.

This can be in the form of a shower, a bath or even a face or hair mask. Taking a little time to pamper yourself and wash the weekend away is really important. If you can go to bed feeling clean and fresh then it will help Monday morning massively, trust me.

Read before you sleep.

Even if it's just a magazine, just make to sure to get off your phone, away from the telly and into some good old fashioned fun. Reading is great, it doesn't get enough credit and if you can spare five minutes between getting into bed and your final Instagram sweep before lights off, it will really help. It feels like the ultimate indulgence and is a great way to fully wind down.

No late night snacking. 

You don't want a bad night's sleep thanks to four tonnes of chocolate consumed at 11pm, nor do you want to go into Monday morning feeling full of crap and bloated. I'm not saying don't snack - I WOULD NEVER SAY DON'T SNACK - I'm simply suggesting that you do it earlier in the day and that if you do find yourself starving at 10 to maybe opt for something that your body is happy to digest quickly.

So there ya go - some of my top tips for beating the Sunday night blues. The only other thing that you need is a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Go to bed as an optimist and even if you're totally bullshitting, pretend that you're all excited about life and Monday and all the great things that the new week will bring. As with most things in life, there's not a lot that a bit of positivity can't fix.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that this helps you a little bit to beat the blues and turn slum-day into a fun-day. Good luck next week - you got this! xxx