Hello everyone! It’s me again, the less successful but far superior sister; Katya. I’m back on the blog to once again write about something that’s been rustling my jimmies for quite some time now. Although the topic of a lack of plus size clothing is nothing new, I thought I would wade in to add my own views, feelings, praise and scorn to the matter, as I’m a millennial, and sharing my opinion is what we were made to do. 

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Right. So I shall begin by saying that I am what you would call a ‘plus size girl’. I’m not ashamed of this, it’s a sort of life choice I suppose. I could go to the gym and yes, I could eat more healthily, but I don’t really feel like doing that right now. I’ve got more important shit going on in my life and a burger and a nap will help me cruise through my problems a hell of a lot more easily than a protein shake and jog will. There is no point in trying to hide that I’m bigger than most as there is no way that I can possibly hide it.

I have love handles, the little ‘pooches’ under my boobs, a whopping double chin, thunder thighs, back rolls and an inconveniently large tummy. If you’ve met me, you will have seen these things, that’s the way that sight works. And trust me, I’m aware that this is my body, and if I had a problem with it, which one day I might do (if I ever work up the energy to care), then I will change it. However, what you will have also seen is the clothes that I wear. Now my clothes aren’t particularly awful. I do own some nice stuff which I’m happy to wear, but there are other things which I wear simply because they cover my body. I hate doing this. I find myself doing it with t-shirts and jeans all the time because there isn’t much else that I can find that fits me. I love fashion, and if I wasn’t ‘plus sized’ then I think I would have a fairly great wardrobe by now. 

When I go online to shop for clothes (always online, don’t think for a second that I’m going near the black hole of self-despair and hatred that is shopping in an actual store), I always have to avert my eyes from what the entire shop has to offer. If I go on a website and click on the ‘dress’ button for example, then I’m met with a whole host of beautiful garments which I will get insanely excited about, click on, prepare to buy, only to discover that their idea of an 'extra-large' is a size 14. Really bitch?

If I dare even spare a glance at the ‘regular’ options then that familiar feeling of self-loathing which real life shopping brings about will slowly begin to piss on my parade once again and I’ll probably end up smashing my laptop, flipping a table and inhaling my body weight in whatever unhealthy stuff we have in the house, which in my home of athletes will probably just be decade old chocolate sprinkles and left over roast dinner. Sue me. It helps. So I avoid all the options that the website gives me and I go over to the left hand side of the screen and look for a filter button where I can narrow down to my size. I notice that they have only five size options and the highest one is my size, a size 16, which as I’m sure my fellow size sixteeners will know by now, is never a good sign. 


Clicking on that button I already know why I’m going to be faced with. All those glorious and beautiful dresses suddenly vanish off the screen, and I’m met with only two dresses out of a thousand that are in my size. And Jesus Christ if they aren’t the ugliest fucking dresses I ever saw. So what? Am I supposed to just wear the exact replica of Robin Williams’ dress from Mrs Doubtfire for the rest of my life, or does anyone have anything half decent which I can wear?

Going to another website, I repeat the same steps, but this time I’m delighted to find that there are more than two options! There’s over a hundred! Could it be? Could this website, this beautiful, amazing website really have clothes that I can wear? Cool clothes? Clothes that other girls, three sizes smaller than me also wear? Can I actually be confident in the clothes that I dress myself in? Of course not. Congratulations! In clicking the size 16 option, you’re now being offered our special branch of maternity wear! Don’t worry, even if you are nine months pregnant, which you must be if you’re as huge as a size SIXTEEN, then we’ve got clothes that’ll fit you just right! Motherfuckers. I’m a fairly self-deprecating individual, in a way that I wear my nastiness like a medal, but I will not let my dignity take a hit that big by purchasing maternity wear. So Mrs Doubtfire it is. 


However, by the power of Christ himself, do I dare say that times may be a changin’? Although I am still struggling to find clothes that I actually feel are unique and tailored for my own personal style, I am indeed a step closer, and I have Asos to thank for that. They have a whole section on their website dedicated to plus sized girls, and hot damn they’ve got some nice shit on there. Looking at it now, they’ve got 50 pages of options dedicated entirely for big girls and I cannot be more grateful. Even if I do find clothes which stretch up to a size 16, its soul destroying to always feel like you shouldn’t be wearing those clothes because you’re too big, even though the national average for women’s clothing is in fact a size 16.  It’s so nice to finally shop in a place without any anxiety or depression, wondering whether or not the things you want will or will not fit you, whether or not you’re actually allowed to wear them. They even do plus sized jewellery! I don’t know why, but to me that actually shows a level of care as they’re not just silencing the big girls by letting them have some clothes, but they’re actually giving something extra. Something as small as a ring or a choker can really ruin your day if it won’t fit on your fingers or wrap around your neck, but Asos are really giving you something special there. Something a bit more personal. 

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In conclusion, I think that other clothing stores need to get their shit in order to be perfectly honest. They need to follow suit with Asos and inject a bit of humanity into what they’re selling. When you first meet a person, yes you notice their body size, but you also notice the clothes that they wear. And surely we big girls and boys have just as much right as everyone else to show just how fabulous we are? I’m going to go ahead and point names and name fingers and say that Urban Outfitters, bitch I’m looking at you. Zara, you too. Sort your shit out guys, cause you know you’ve got some really cool clothes in your store, trust me, I know because I’ve spent hours agonising over it. You may have some cool clothes, but it’s not cool to be an arsehole. Sort it out. Please.

(Hi, it's Em here. Just a quickie to say - apart from being a superb writer, total baller and all round good girl, Katya is also an INCREDIBLE photographer and you really ought to follow her Instagram xxx)