I reckon I probably come across the face of a Kardashian about 10 times a day. On some days I probably see Kim's more ofter than I see my own. Despite literally not giving one flying fuck what this group of total strangers do, i somehow know everything about them. There is article after article written about them, 24 in the Daily Mail yesterday morning, for some reason I follow some of them on Instagram (?!) and unfortunately for me, my flatmate watches episode after episode of KUWTK and I'm going to be honest, the whole thing is making me psychotic. 

It has been going on for a while, but yesterday morning I stumbled across two things which, I fear have just knocked me over the edge.


This woman is extraordinary. I'm all for the 'free the nipple' and the right to bear all if you're up for it, but what I can't handle is the coverage of her actions. Although to the untrained and unsuspecting eye this photo simply looked like she was showing off her spray tan, I have a sneaking suspicion this has more to do with her 70lb weight loss. She actually describes herself as 'tanorexic' in the Snapchat Video (the naked one). Probably meant to be funny but stripping off after losing so much weight and using any word surrounding an eating disorder, when you've got millions of young girls following you? Looking up to you? Stupid really, just stupid. (yes you are allowed to call me a fun sponge if you want, but I'm just calling this as I see it).

I also don't want to be a negative norah over her weight, because she obviously looks fabulous, but I'm constantly disappointed that in-between this 'curvy' girl's naked ones are endless ones of of the bathroom scales with the incredibly annoying "only 7lbs to go until I am at my dream weight of NOTHING". When you already know that you are a hot slice, which by publishing a selfie book, I think that you do, do you really need to share her I-need-to-diet pictures? If she wants to lose weight, that is of course up to her, but in the interest of young girls everywhere, perhaps best not to do that whilst looking like a beautiful barbie. Which brings me onto my second annoyance of yesterday...



If I am remembering correctly, (who do I waste so much brain space knowing these things), Khloe has actually spoken out in the past as what it is like to be the 'fat' sister, because she was for a while, bigger than her sisters. But of course, as is the way with ALL people thrust into the limelight, it didn't stay that way for long and she is now, like her sisters, very slim. (Which makes them impossible to differentiate between). Anyhoo, her latest comment was meant, I think, as a joke, as her trainer had been away for a few days. She says on Snapchat that since she hasn't worked out, she's 'fat now' but that they are going to 'get it back in one fucking day.'

But here I am wondering what exactly she needs to get back to? Like Kim, Khloe has a massive following of young women to whom she is feeding this idea that you need to work out every day, or else you will get fat. Except it's worse than that because she doesn't even look slightly fat, so to all the girls watching at home with actual real life cellulite and no personal trainers, are wondering what the fuck they are supposed to do. 

The problem with these girls, much like with the problem with Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall is that they are all victims of their own success and for that reason, I have been unable to dislike them before. At times I have actually felt incredibly sorry for them.

Some how, and I will never really understand this one, the family, orchestrated by mother Kris, managed to become the most famous in the world, second only to the Royals on the back of Kim's sex tape. Literally this girl's mother seemed legit fine with capitalising on her daughters 5 seconds as a porn star and, whether they wanted it or not, the rest of the family were dragged along for the ride. The younger two, Kylie and Kendall, daughters of Bruce/Caitlin Jenner, quite literally have never known anything different. They live, and have always lived in full view of the world, we have watched them go from girls to women and we have been there to examine and criticise them every single step of the way.

The success and fame is actually quite unbelievable. In their own right each of these girls is making a bucket load of money and fronting successful business, for which we cannot do anything but admire them. Sure to someone like me who opens their Snapchats with sleep in her eyes or only sees this family on the TV when I walk through the door sweat patches galore, their lives look incredibly appealing. After all, who wouldn't want people there to do their makeup every day, to wear glorious outfits all the time and make a living out of taking selfies? Easy right?

I don't know. Imagine never being allowed a day off? Or to be able to have a secret of a spot? I couldn't do it and for that reason I can't envy them.

So as I criticise them, please know that i isn't because I don't respect them, it's because I'd have hoped for better from them. For a group of young women who have grown up with THAT much pressure on them, I would have thought that they might try to do their bit to alleviate it in whatever way they possibly can from others. 

The fact is, whether they, or we, like it or not, they are role models. And from where I am sitting right now, that is a problem. Because as much as I do genuinely feel sorry for them, I am in equal measure furious with them. Furious that an entire family has made a career out of a sex tape, that Kylie Jenner at the age of 18, is endorsing products that can genuinely damage your insides and stunt your development and I'm not entirely impressed that they televise their weekly collagen trips or whatever it is they have put into their faces to make them look so damn perfect. 

I'm shocked that this is what the world has come to, that this woman (Kim), is literally capable of breaking the internet just by taking her clothes off, when there are literally thousands of campaigns and charities that work so so hard and never get above a 1000 views on their YouTube videos. It is truly beyond comprehension.

But here we are.

There's nothing to be done and although I may have had it up to here with the Kardashians, it would seem the rest of the world hasn't, so I suppose I better settle in.

But guys, if I may just say quickly: please remember that this is NOT real life, just because you see so much of it. You don't need to show your tan off by taking naked selfies if you don't want to, you are not a terrible person for rocking a makeup free (really makeup free with spots and all) weekend and you are not, I repeat NOT fat if you miss two days with a personal trainer. Or if you don't have a personal trainer. Or if you ate three pizzas last night. Don't let the pressures on these girls, put on them by us, become your problem.