I am getting married next month, 6 weeks, 44 days, 24 training sessions, 16 hours, 90 Minutes… That is what I have left if you break it down into the stats.

When I got engaged I had plans of slimming down to a size 6, having the ultimate thigh gap and cheek bones to die for, but a year later, ask me again. Do I want that now? No, thank you very much. Although I can honestly say I am at the fittest I have been in a long time, I love it because I feel healthy and I have so much energy it’s a joke! But I still like my curves, I am a woman and that is what I should have, I know that now. People talk about this ‘Bride Body’, ‘Beach Body’, ‘Yoga Body’, what even is that? We come in all shapes and sizes so as long as you are comfortable in your own skin then you should embrace it, I am! I have gone through life with a lot of criticism and for the first time in a very long time I feel confident, yes I have a few stubborn areas I am working on, but that is for me, not for anyone else but for me!

When I was in the gym today I was thinking a lot about the article posted here a few days about Callie Thorpe and related it to myself. Callie had spoken about how on your wedding day, your size doesn’t matter because really you’re marrying the man of your dreams and your smile is the most important thing. And so yes, while I have been in the gym a lot more than I normally would, that is because I have got the biggest day of my life cropping up quicker than Usain Bolt sprints, but am I panicking? Nope! I am marrying an amazing Man who (sorry for the Bridget quote) ‘Loves me just the way I am’ and I love myself just the way I am and feel good about it.

Having said that though, there are of course times when my size is a factor. I have been watching the UK version of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and there was a girl on there, and my heart did go out to her, who had her first fitting just two months before the wedding and the dress didn’t do up. They looked at taking it out but when they worked out how much they would need to take it out by they said they would have to order a bigger dress. She was gutted and said she was so upset she had to go a size bigger. But something that the designer said to her, and this is something I think we all need to remember was that ‘the size is only a number, what matters is that it fits you and that you are comfortable.’ 

In just over a week I have my first dress fitting, where they will talk about my hips, my waist, my bust, my neckline, where they need to take it in and even where they need to take it out a bit. When I tried it on for the first time since arriving in the shop 6 weeks ago, I was nervous. Would it fit me? I had only ever tried on the sample size that was 2 sizes bigger than I needed and so there was of course a moment of panic, but it was due to practicalities more than anything else. When we went in and they zipped me in I felt the zip glide, **phew!** and once that was over, I walked out and looked in the mirror and without sounding like a knob, I gave myself Goosebumps! I liked what I saw and was so excited and chuffed with myself.

I have the measurements of my dress I know I cannot go above on a postit note in front of me at work, as I do not have the time to order a new dress if I was to gain weight! That is my only motivation when I reach for a biscuit, but I don’t want to be stick thin, that is not natural and not healthy and it won’t work for me. I have so many friends who got married over the last few years; they lost a tonne of weight, and are they that small now? No, they have stopped the rabbit food and stopped the mad exercise, they don’t look awful now, in fact I think they look better, but they will look back at their wedding photos and think, ‘ah that’s when I was skinny’, where as I will look back and think, ‘dammm that is a good photo’.

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has helped me massively over the last year; his HIIT sessions he posts and his great recipes are just so easy. They don’t have the calories printed and they are all about good fats, good food and something that is sustainable. The wedding has given me a great opportunity to get healthy, but not obsessed, I realize that now.

 So my advice to any of you newly engaged love birds is: don’t stress, I did and I panicked, it isn’t a nice feeling. Be you, make sure when you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams he recognizes you in all your beauty, because I know when I walk down the aisle to Josh he will be (sorry for the pun) blown away for sure!

Anna xx